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Ginza Japanese Restaurant 銀座日本料理鐵板燒 - (Hong Kong)

  Ginza Restaurant (銀座日本料理) inside Harbour City,  is not to be confused with the similarly named  Ginza Okura restaurant (銀座 大倉) nearby,  or Tonkatsu pork specialist Ginza Bairin (銀座梅林).   Also not with Ginza Iwa sushi restaurant on Hong Kong side (review)     It is a teppanyaki hot plate Specialist by name,  but I keep noticing another Japanese food aficionado who works inside this shopping mall and he persistently posts regular photos of his meals here,  always torturing or luring me in with his weekly sushi fixes in this restaurant.   After many months of holding back,   I couldn’t relent anymore and had to try it out for real as it was beginning to torment me on a daily basis .. 



ザーサイ,  甘酢生姜 Gari,  Takuan,  きゅうりの漬物 -
Comes by default with 4 types of pickles,  and surprisingly one is a Za-Sai 炸菜 which originates from China but the Japanese version is usually milder with less spiciness like here,  it is not often given out in a sushi meal context.     The young ginger was quite potent and sugary.  ~  7.5/10


Surimi Crab and Masago Salad -  Part of Our lunch course. 
It consists of fish meat derived,  Imitational crab meat and also Capelin roes.  The former is known to be just fake crab meat,  and the latter is often sold off as Tobiko Fish/Crab roes at a premium,  which both of these together,  somehow has become one of the World’s Biggest Double Scams in history…    Wasn’t very impressed at all with this double-faux appetizer especially with the additional of mayo..  Skipped.    ~  2/10 


炙り丼 – Aburi Don with Salmon,  Toro and Engawa – $290
The salmon wasn’t too fatty nor flavorful either way enough,   it became stringy after the flame blasting grilling.  The Engawa flounder skirt was pretty spot-on.  The Toro pieces were sliced slightly too thin and didn’t released much aroma in the end even after some flame-grilling action again.  This was just fair.   ~  6.5/10


Hokkai-Don 北海丼 - 
With Salmon,  Urchin,  Scallop,  Botan-Ebi prawn,  
Ikura roes,  Matsuba Crab Kani-Bara legs -  $290
The Hokkaido version of a Chirashi-zushi.   The version here was really good value for money,  especially with the large botan ebi prawn and very fresh scallops and ikura roes.  The salmon again paled in comparison just like the above dish,  as it was more bland and lean too, the sea urchins were most definitely the bigger Canadian or Californian types to cut down on costs albeit fresh enough.   Overall this was a bargain in the end.   ~  8/10


Soba in Warm Soup -
This looked nice enough but was obviously over-boiled,  retaining not much noodle texture.  The soup broth base was very spot-on to be fair with a good accurate balance..   ~  6.5/10



Cold Zaru-Soba  ざるそば -
This fared slightly better than the softish soup version above.   At least it retained some bite but however,  still not carrying enough buckwheat taste in the end.  The dipping tsuyu sauce was decently accurate,  it just needs better Timing control over the soba boiling process and perhaps the soba type selection too??    ~  7/10



Sesame & Matcha Ice Cream -
The Matcha ice-cream was strongish but also quite milky,  balanced just right without being too bitter.  The black sesame is probably easier to please the overall crowd,  but it is quite potent,   how long can this bold movement last in the longer run?     All in all, we thought this meal was promising especially with the raw seafood selections.   Although bits and pieces were either very good and generous in portions,  whilst some other aspects were only ok, I guess the main attraction of Ginza Restaurant is it’s freshness of seafood and well priced items.  




Price:  $260 + 10% Per Person,  for Lunch.
Food:  ♕♕♕ 1/2  to  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address:  尖沙咀廣東道17號海港城港威商場G301號舖
Shop G301, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City, 17 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui,  Hong Kong
Ph: 3102 2220

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