Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Singapore Laksa at Old Town - (Hong Kong)

 Old Town sells Singaporean and Malaysian style food,  and it’s Restaurant Group include LAKSA under Elements,  and also KITCHEN 65 in Tsim Sha Tsui. 



Barley Water -
Included with most Set Meals here. 




Singapore Laksa – $78
I arrived because I noticed their Photo Shoot included something vital – namely Laksa leaves!  When the actual bowl arrived,  it only had a tiny sprinkle of dried herbs and it didn’t had the laksa leaf fragrance I wanted.   This is also a Curry Laksa version,  and although the base soup had the right ingredients,  I think the gravy can be richer.   As it is,  it’s too coconutty and not spiced enough,  although you can taste some faint dried prawn essence within. 



Blood Clams -
These were really good quality, 
the best I have tried in Hong Kong and tasted exactly like the ones you get in Singapore.

Rice Noodles -
Since they didn’t advertise themselves to be a Katong Laksa,  the noodles are not cut up ready to be spooned.   There are no mixed noodles option here too.   The noodles were slightly over-boiled but surprisingly it was soft yet somehow elastic,  but couldn’t absorb the gravy taste much…   Overall I think the base foundation of this laksa is decent,  but it definitely needed a heavier gravy and the noodles texture was slightly weird on this visit.   ~  6.9/10




Price:  $78 + 10% Per Person
Food:  ♕♕♕ 1/2  (with much more potential,  perhaps their other foods are better) 

Address:  中環威靈頓街33號The Loop 11樓
11/F,  The Loop,  33 Wellington Street, Central,  Hong Kong
Ph:  2522 2009

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