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Dotechin Ramen 道亭千 - (Hong Kong)

  If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook,  you will probably notice I eat and shoot photos of way more food than I can eventually write about.   Writing a blog takes up precious personal time and unfortunately maintaining one doesn’t make you any richer or even any money in Hong Kong,   unlike say in Taiwan or Singapore,  where food bloggers are treated with more dignity and respect.   In Hong Kong,  most of us are just treated as tools and a medium of spreading words.     Sure I do get invited to some meals occasionally but I think little do most PR and Marketing people know,  the time taken to tune the photos and writing up a review is usually not even worth most people’s effort unless they are desperate to build up a reputation.     The reason I chose to blog about this Ramen Shop inside Ramen Champion,   is because it serves me a style of seafood based light-broth Ramen which I like and want to enjoy on a weekly basis.   It is not even famous,   and it is certainly not Pork Tonkotsu based by default..    Ramens can be eaten lightly too just like Soba noodles on a daily basis.


Dotechin - 道亭千
The Japanese Chef here 齊藤惇 who looks after this stall is said to be very artistic in his ramen style.  He serves 2 different and distinct ramens here  –  one is Soy-Sauce Tonkotsu Pork based,   the other one more daily approachable,  a lightly salted Seafood Broth ramen.   



淡麗 塩海鮮ラーメン – $88
Lightly salted Seafood Broth ramen for today.   The base soup had a good balanced seafood depth of noticeably fish and prawns,  but the thin curvy noodles somehow couldn’t absorb this flavour when slurping them up.   It also came with some bamboo shoots,  spinach,  a delicate and cute looking Sakura prawn tempura piece and some more than decently and accurately cooked half-boiled eggs.   This definitely looked very presentable and appreciated.  

Sliced Pork Chasyu -
Quite thinly sliced,  but tasted quite strong of porky taste.   Would prefer it to be just 2mm thicker if possible rather than being paper thin transparent here.   Although to give it credit,  even at this thinly sliced state,  it wasn’t falling apart at all.



Sakura Prawns Tempura and Eggs -
It looked really presentable as a package.   The noodles could have been cooked less softer and for some unknown reason,  the good seafood and salt soup beneath did not translate well to the slurped up noodles,  both ended up working separately.   But the base broth was certainly decent and thoughtful,  the presentation gorgeous in HK context.  ~  7/10

Gyoza -  Additional $10
A little under-fried pale white,  as is always the freaking norm in Hong Kong,  it’s frustrating.  No one knows why it happens but everywhere you go,  this seems to be the usual phenomenon.   Actually the half cabbage and half meaty filling inside was good and chunky,   but overall just wasn’t fried up to the expected Japanese standards.   Getting there though…    ~  6.9/10  



Price:  $98
Food:  ♕♕♕♕

Address: 九龍彌敦道恆豐中心地庫3層 4-12及26-31號舖
Shop No.4-12 & 26-31,3/B,Prudential Centre,
216-228 Nathan Road, Kowloon  (Jordan MTR Exit E)
Ph: 2377 9944

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