Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ambrosia Oyster Bar & Grill, Birthday Dinner - (Hong Kong)

 Thanks to Someone special and really close to my heart,  to have organized this thoughtfully planned Dinner on my actual Birthday.   This was already a bonus on top of an already splendid and unforgettable weekend and I treasured our time together.   Ambrosia is part of a quietly growing Dining Group and it also has in their portfolio,  a more upper-end Le Dome de Cristal  in Central side  (Previous:  Review).    The previous Head Chef from Ambrosia got delegated over to  Le Dome de Cristal to see out the new operation.   Back here at Ambrosia,  a new Italian Head Chef then filled in the shoes to take over the role and hopefully will take it to another level despite the odd location .  


Bread Basket -
The flat crispy breads were quite memorable.  The rest of the bread was good enough rather than exceptional.   But it is all about expectations.    7/10



Our View from perched on the top of iSQUARE -
It doesn’t feel like iSQUARE for some reason.
It just feels like a view from within a hotel overseeing the harbour.    



Our Cocktails -
They are priced in the range of only $68-$78 per glass.   They were definitely more economical than the wines offered by the glass,  which we thought were slightly aggressive in pricing for the quality offered.   The cocktails list was of the other way around. 



Octopus Carpaccio and Calvisius Caviar,   with Diced Celery,  Potato, 
Radish,  crushed Olives,  Lemon Micro Salad – $188
The recipe was even more complicated than the description above with over 10 ingredients,  but the octopus slices were surprisingly cooked rather than raw.   The seasoning was pretty spot on,  if not for having too much chopped olives on certain bites which can be rather salty.   A pretty dish that worked to its intention overall.   ~  8/10



Linguine with slow-cooked Sicilian Red Prawn,
in Tomato sauce,  Fresh Mint and Roasted Pistachio – $248

This came highly recommended by my dining friend,  and it certainly performed as said.   Knowing me,  I am not biased just because someone suggested it,  not even if it was my wife lol.   A noticeable absence of Red Prawn heads presence suggested they put flavour over presentation here.   They cooked the prawn head shell and coral into the sauce directly instead,  and this bit was definitely stronger than the norm.   The remaining chopped prawn pieces defined the background of this dish’s priority.   I like it how they concentrated more on the final flavor than their looks here definitely  ~  8.5/10


Grilled Canadian Pork Chop with Fuji Apple and Rhubarb compote,
in Currant Glaze,   and Shredded Parmesan Crust – $358
This was decent and cooked medium-well with hints of pinkish meat,  and you can definitely taste the pork and some char-grilling aroma.   The recipe is so similar to sister restaurant Le Dome de Cristal’s version.   But over at here,  I can’t notice it is $130 cheaper too and almost performing to the same level.   Encore.    ~  7.5/10



Grilled Pork Cross-section shot -
Just North of being pink. 
Cooked just spot on here indeed.



Warm Apple Tart with Caramel and Walnut Ice Cream – $108
The bottom puff pastry was rather different from what I expected and slightly too soft,  but none-the-less,   at least it has puffed up properly in a golden brown way despite a lack of layering.   A good start.    I couldn’t’ taste the Caramel either,   but the apples were baked until soft yet retaining a crunch.    Thanks for the Birthday cake.  :3   ~  7.5/10


More Cocktails by the end of the Night -
The meal was thoughtful indeed.  Although the recipes aren’t complicated,  I do always appreciate it when things are remain simple but still manages to bring a smile to your face in the end.   And price wise,  the quality between sister restaurant Le Dome de Cristal and over here at Ambrosia is nearly identical,  but here it is a notch below in price but providing similar if not superior food!    The view here is also unbeatable!   We shall be back again soon hopefully..




Price:  $650 + 10% Per Person including 2 Cocktails each
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕♕

Address:  尖沙咀彌敦道63號iSQUARE 國際廣場28樓2802號舖
Shop 2802,  28/F,  iSQUARE Shopping Mall,  63 Nathan Road,  Tsim Sha Tsui,  Hong Kong
Ph:  2368 6901 or 2368 6902

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