Thursday, June 30, 2016

AQUA [ Hong Kong ] - Sunset Dinner from 6:00 to 6:30pm, $498 for 3 Courses. Great Bargain!

 Aqua at 1 Peking Road has always carried one of the best view you can discover in Hong Kong. I remember back in its infantry Days, the food concept was slightly different to now, and in recent years they serve both Japanese and Italian food without fusionizing the dishes.  Hearing from the restaurant group that they are currently doing a Sun Set Meal promotion, which is only HKD $498 for 3 Courses if you are seated by 6:00 to 6:30pm, I thought this was a pretty good deal.  Last time I came it was for Brunch on the weekend and that was equally fantastic value, but when it comes to night time the vibe setting is different yet again:

That View of Hong Kong's Harbour -
I took some Sunset photos of here too.  To me personally, Aqua can be a touristy spot for diners, but during recent years I actually found the food here to have majorly improved. They serve some of the best Lobster or even Vegetarian pastas in town. 

It's called Aqua.
So I am drinking Water to fit with the scheme.. : )

Bread Basket:  White Loaf, Rye, Figs & Olive Bread -
With a Mayonnaise dip with Garlic & Lemon. The Fig Bread was easily my favorite, it had a nice crust and aroma. 

Cristal Blue Prawns Tartare, with Burrata Cheese, Dry Smoked Cherry Tomatoes, Caviar -
(+HKD $88)
The smokiness was actually quite strong, the burrata cheese runny. The prawns were thickly diced and the portion was bigger than I envisaged. Lovely Course with a good balance ~ 8/10

Cross Section to see the Blue Prawns Tartare underneath -

Vegetables Tempura, Seaweed, with a Black Truffled Miso Cream Dip -
Looking cute with the Basket Presentation. I was surprised there were no prawns or seafood in the tempura dish, but ultimately I enjoyed the veggies and mushrooms, shishito,  lotus root, and that truffled miso paste was very likable, to the point we dipped bread into it to mop it up ~ 8/10

Lobster & Grilled Scallops on Sicilian Fregola Pasta. Cauliflower Mousse and Pickled Shallots -  (+ HKD $128)
The Portion was bigger than I thought,  you can see quite a number of well caramelized scallops and the lobster meat weren't stringy at all like at many places.  Interesting they paired this with Fregola pasta too,  it is the right call indeed traditionally with seafood,  as many other restaurants pair it with risotto rice or Orzo pasta instead.   ~ 7.5/10

Stewed Beef Cheek with Truffle Raviolo & Pumpkin -
The Cheek was tenderly cooked, and once breaking up the raviolo pasta released some creamy cheese which lubricated the beef even more. Truth be told a lot of places do Beef Cheeks nowadays but many of them are too stringy dry, but the version here tonight was done well. ~ 8.5/10

Dessert Platter for 2 People - with Customizable Written Message
I was dining with a Friend so it wouldn't have been 'I Love You', 'You Are Gorgeous', 'May the Force be With You', etc.  I chose for them to just write 'Happy Sunset' lol, which was the theme behind this Dinner Course!  With a Creme Brulee, Chocolate Lava Cake, Chocolate Eclair, Italian Lemon Sorbet, a quite alcoholic Tiramisu, and some Fruits on the side... I have had this combination before and knew that it was dependable, especially that Sorbet and the Tiramisu. ~ 8/10

Chocolate Lava Fondant Cake - 
I thought this was a little too floury in taste for me. But generally acceptable.

We were actually Surprised it was more than Full House here - 
Sometimes I come for drinks and it is not always packed, but this night I saw people still arriving in to eat dinner or for drinks way after 10:30pm. Although there are many new restaurant openings in Hong Kong right now, I actually have always appreciated the Food Quality provided here vs pricing point. It is presentable, tasty, reasonable, with a killer view of Hong Kong side.  Most of all it isn't fussy and pretentious, and as mentioned above their Pasta dishes here are actually very spot on and smell amazing. For only $498 for 3 Courses before the supplementary add-ons, this to me was great value for money...  Don't call me a cheap date though,  one certainly doesn't want to marry someone who won't calculate the base costs before the Rule of Diminishing Returns kick in.. !

Price - HKD $498 Per Person + 10% plus Supplements
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: Beijing Road No.1, Floor 29, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Ph: +852 34272288

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