Sunday, June 12, 2016

Jan Jan Kushikatsu 串揚專門店 [ Hong Kong ] - Osakan Style Fried Sticks Shop from Japan, Now in Hong Kong

 Jan Jan is a Kushi Katsu and Kushi Age shop from Kansai region, and recently it opened its first Outlet outside of Japan in Hong Kong. Specializing in Fried Food on a Stick, this is a very Osakan regional dish, although throughout Kansai including Kobe or Kyoto, this is becoming very popular as a Street Food with Beers or Shochu.

Today's Specials - 
Some items are also off-menu as they are very limited 

The Kushi Sticks ready for Frying in Batter - 
The HK Jan Jan Kushikatsu shop also serves Grilled Kushiyaki on top of Kushikatsu items, to suit the general HK Clientelle more.

Some Sit Down Rooms for Private Diners -Unlike Traditional Tatami Rooms, they also have Leg Room beneath so you can sit more comfortably..

Some Chili Miso Sauce, Soy Sauce, Salt, 7 Flavored Shichimi Powder and Sansho Pepper -
They all have their own flexible purposes. For example the Chili sauce can go on most meats. Shichimi probably goes better on Chicken or Beef, Salt for me always on Beef. Sansho Pepper probably better on Seafood and Fishes, etc.

Kurobuta Pork Rosu Katsu - 
Using Black Pork and the front Shoulder Cut instead of Belly, this is not overly fatty and it had a nice Sweet Potatoes sweetness in the marbling, a very good Kurobuta cut. Note that the sauce shown is by default not to be re-dipped or double-dipped back into, this is Japanese Culture when eating KushiAge or KushiKatsu - 二度付け禁止. However in Hong Kong apparently a lot of customers don't understand this protocol, so Jan Jan Hong Kong discards all the sauces afterwards for each table's order afterwards and starts anew again. ~ 8/10

A Cold Draft Japanese Beer with the Fried Sticks - 
Totally necessary...

Komochi Konbu にしん 子持ち昆布 - 
Herring Fish Roe with Konbu Seaweed Kushi Katsu 
*Off-Menu and limited per day, please Reserve. This came highly recommended and was crunchy good.. ~ 9/10

Fried Molten Egg - 
Ordered by almost all Customers, the egginess and flavor was decent enough ~ 7.5/10

Yamaimo Mountain Yam 山芋 - 
Medicinal and still slightly crunchy,  I overheard that this is actually Nagaimo 長芋 but in Osaka this is treated like a Yamaimo in cooking. Or something to that effect ~ 7/10

Mehikari 目光魚 with Ume Apricot Paste -
This was a daily special, the Ume paste means you don't need more dipping sauce. Initially I wanted to order the extra large Whiting Kisu Fish but that already sold out,  this alternative is probably even better as I love Mehikari fish.. ~ 8/10

Fried Beef Katsu - 
This was quite Oily good, also Meaty. The taste of this was quite USDA Beef Red Meat likable if I guessed correctly?  As Wagyu or even F1 Wagyu will have a different tasting profile ~ 7.5/10

Fried Curry Rice Stick - カレーライス 串カツ
This is a Hong Kong Jan Jan Kushikatsu only specialty skewer, as the Chef and Owners think this item will appeal to the local customers! It was nicely curry spiked indeed,   I wonder if they could wrap some pork or beef slices around it too instantly in my mind, since some Onigiri balls in Japan have the Meat wrapping around the outside too instead of Seaweed, and I love those inverted uramaki versions ... ~ 7.5/10

Price: HKD $230 - $350 + 10% Per Person
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 灣仔皇后大道東100號2樓
2/F, 100 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai
Ph:  21571408

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