Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Pinot Duck [ Hong Kong ] - Duck Based Dishes, Paired with Pinot Noir Wines. A Good Concept in Basis, I Personally Think It Will Thrive More if It Opened Closer to Central area..

 Pinot Duck specializes in Duck Dishes. Some Customers call it Fusion cuisine between Chinese x French, but I don't necessarily agree with this assessment. To me, it is through and through a Duck based Cuisine restaurant, and apart from the Chinese Elements involved I could see shadows of cuisines from British, American, French or any other cuisine which loves eating Duck. As the name suggest however, they prefer to pair them with a French Burgundian Red Pinot Noir wine.

Pinot Duck in Stanley -
It's a nice Atmosphere facing the sea..
The Food Prices are reasonable and the space albeit a bit tight, kind of cozy and romantic. I took a bus to here and left with a mini-van back.  I would have preferred arriving in driving with my Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce, but the Bus will do the trick this time 

Moozen Brewery Pale Ale 'Thunder God' - Made in HK
Tropical Lemon and Mango notes, pretty decent actually. Support local.

A Pinot Noir from France- 
Part of the name of the Shop here too for a reason, so I assume they have this aspect sorted with the Wine Choices..

Peking Duck Crepe Wrap - 2 Pieces HKD $68
Duck skin was crispy, I liked how there wasn't too much sauce. The only small issue to fix is they should julienne the cucumber into more quartered thinner strips ~ 7.5/10

Mango & Duck Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll - 
The Wrap to me should be soaked up moistened more to be softer. Other than that, an appetizing dish with the Sweetish Chili Dip with Colorful Purple Cabbage ~ 7/10

Duck Fat Wedges Fries -
Love Beef Suet, Geese or Duck Fat Fries, with health concerns aside... Truth be told though, I haven't had much success in re-discovering those real Fat Fried Fries or Chips tastes within HK.  Here it was also a bit toned down somewhat and could be more crispier..  ~  6/10

Crusted Taro Mash Duck Lollies with Citrus Tartar Sauce - 荔芋香酥鴨
5 Balls for HKD $88
Pretty pleasing as an appetizer, I personally think it could do with more Duck Skins within or just coating the Outside as a contrast.. ~ 7/10

Baked Fried Duck Eggs with Pulled Duck, with Zha Jiang Sauce 炸醬汁 - 
Good Flavors, but could do with more shredded duck too!  Doesn't need to be a copious amount piling up & approaching 'Peine forte et dure' quantity... But a little more duck and some red rice could be a perfect lunch dish for me.  ~  7/10

A Nice Atmosphere by the Sea Side in Stanley - 
It seems to have quietened down a bit lately, but Stanley and Repulse Bay are nice tranquil Dating Spots indeed any day apart from the weekends in HK.  

Oh We Also Ordered Duck and Bacon Carbonara Linguine Pasta -
This Duck Carbonara concept was a novelty, although if it was me, I would put in Cured Duck Bacon instead of just Guanciale Pork Cheek, some Aged Duck Eggs, Black Pepper, Pecorino Romano Cheese, etc. Only to remain within the Spirits of a true Carbonara Pasta.  Rigatoni or Tonnarelli paste also welcome..   ~ 6.5/10

Braised Orange Segments in Hua Diao Wine, Salted Dried Plums - $68
This was surprising in that it was quite alcoholic and also pretty salty from the plums. For us this was our dessert course, but as part of a Tasting Menu planning I thought this might be the perfect course to bridge between the savories to the desserts..  7/10

Pinot Duck is an Interesting Concept - 
It endeavors to create a Duck Based Concept and usually paired with the Pinot Noir grape wines as a natural match.   Ultimately, most dishes worked and were well priced.  Some dishes could do with some more refinement.  Overall the Price vs Performance point was kept relatively intact likable..

Price: HKD $310 + 10% Per Person 
Food: ♕♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 

Address: 赤柱佳美道23號赤柱廣場地下G07號舖
Shop G07, G/F, Stanley Plaza, 23 Carmel Road, Stanley
Ph: +852  2772 0060

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