Friday, June 17, 2016

聯興潮州飯店 [ Hong Kong ] - Cooked Food Centre Upstairs, Run by a Famous Team of Chiu Chow Chefs Who Used to be Famous Downstairs on the Ground..

 There was an Air-Ink Event using Ink produced from our Polluted Air to draw out the Graffiti walls,  to showcase how polluted our air that we breathe in can be,  it was together with Tiger Beer from Singapore and also Crafty Cow in Sheung Wan as a collaboration. You never know what you breathe in can make your lungs blacker than Laser Printer ink!   Afterwards, some of us decided impromptu to head down to a Cooked Food Centre for some Chiu Chow dishes... Sheung Wan is actually pretty famous for Chiu Chow restaurants, and don't under estimate 聯興潮州飯店.   It used to be on the ground floor at a prominent location on Queens Road East and visited by famous Celebrities, somehow that shop closed a few years ago but some of the Chefs re-opened up here instead. It's almost as famous as ABC Kitchen in the next door Cooked Food Centre, but almost feeling like taking a refuge location upstairs.   My visits to here has had Ups and Downs,  tonight it was more on the acceptable side and the pricing point depends on whether you order the normal or the more expensive artisanal stuff.

Our Tiger Beers x Air-Ink Event Nearby -
At Crafty Cow.  It was interesting.  Both Crafty Cow and also Little Burro nearby often have bi-weekly gatherings in this vicinity.  *Sometimes getting complaints from the neighbors upstairs,  it is both cool but also if only the crowd can behave 

Some Hot Chili Wings - Crafty Cow
Almost Buffalo Wings style without the Celery Crudites and the Blue Cheese Dip,  the latter I needed as these wings seem hotter than before but challenging..

滷水鵝片豆腐 - Master Stock Goose Meat with Tofu
This was better than my last 2 times eating here, with a slightly heavier based stock and spices with layerings.    Definitely more likable this time around... Even the Goose meat wasn't too fatty nor cooked chewy.  The Tofu soaked up the base sauce well and not overly salty.  Glad someone ordered this as it has improved ~ 8/10

潮式煎蠔餅 - Chiu Chow style Oyster Egg Omelette 
Usually these are shallow fried and absorbs all the oil in, and the ones nearby in Fujian Province or even in Taiwan are more potato slimey starchy.   My personal favorite is the similar Chiu Chow/Teochew styles done in Singapore, although all of them are relatable in Teochew or Hokkien in Concept.   Tonight's version was a little lacking egg aroma, albeit at least the oysters were plump and not stinky. Some on the table didn't like this too much, but I thought it was a healthier version for HK. ~ 7/10

沙嗲牛河 -Sate/Satay Beef Fried Hor Fun 
Truth be told, I have never had a better version than nearby 陳勤記鹵鵝飯店 Chan Kan Kee.    This actually looked better than it tasted. On the positive, the beef were tender and the hor fun noodles wasn't mushy and had plenty of fried eggs.  What it can perform better was in a better Satay Sauce,  and in a Chiu Chow style version,  should have plenty of Peanuts,  Galangal,  Flounder Floss,  Sate.  ~  6.9/10

韭菜豬紅 - Chinese Green Chives with Pig's Blood Pudding
Truth be told I am very weary of eating this dish in Summer as once I got a massive acute Food Poisoning episode, it nearly killed me an hour later. But luck would have it, I ate this twice today at separate venues. It has always intrigued me that Boudin Noir or Morcilla Pigs Blood with Rice Puddings are so prevalent in French, Spanish, even Italian, Taiwanese, Filipino, Tibetan, Indonesia, Korean, Scottish or Irish, Scandinavian and Chinese cuisines, lest any I conveniently forget to recall. Guess we all have a bit of a Vampire in us.  This was a little milder than I am used to,  but knowing my past record of eating this and going into hospital,  I was actually glad this was on the milder side and I am still alive to type this review ~  7.5/10

Price: HKD $70 Per Person 
Food: ♕♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 

Address: 上環皇后大道中345號上環市政大廈2樓熟食中心 CF2 
Shop CF2, Cooked Food Centre, 2/F, Sheung Wan Municipal Services Building And Civic Centre, 345 Queen's Road Central, Sheung Wan

Ph: 25176233

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