Thursday, June 9, 2016

Shita Machi Tendon Akimitsu 下町天丼 秋光 - [ Hong Kong ] Tempura Tendon from Tokyo to Hong Kong Outlet

 Shita Machi Tendon Akimitsu 下町天丼 秋光 arrived directly from the 100 years old plus Tokyo Asakusa original shop into Hong Kong last week.  Having received in some guides as the No.1 Tempura Tendon shop in Japan,  apparently many people had high expectations.   Although I don't normally visit newish shops before they settle down in due time, I over-heard from the staff here that they are pretty fully booked for weeks ahead already.  Since there was a free seat at the Counter, I decided to visit impromptu for dinner.  The prices here are a little aggressive compared to Tokyo's original but I walked away being satisfied with the Kanto-Tokyo style tempura tendon rice,  which usually involves thicker batter but coated on top in a sweetish sauce by default.

秋光 Ten Don - 
They have been operating in Japan for many decades.  They have now opened a Branch in Hong Kong.  It's run by the Okinawan EN Group in Hong Kong, and already very popular within a week. Better to book ahead especially for lunch..

Menu - Ten Don and A La Carte Tempura Combinations
The pricing policy here is not cheap, in fact it is almost double the amount paid at the same shops within Japan. The Signature 7 Items Ten Don is $250 + 10% in Hong Kong. In Japan, the same dish is nearly half price to here at only 2,500 Yen.

Suntory Premium Draft Beer - $38
Not a big fan of beer unless it tastes as sophisticated as a boutique wine,  like experienced in some cities in Europe, but when eating fried food, a cold refreshing beer is your best companion and you feel less irritated in the throat by the fried food.

Okinawa Snow Salt and Sea Salt,  with Spices - 
The Okinawan salt is expected, knowing the En Group's Okinawan pedigree and also previously this floor housed En Group's other Charcoal grill restaurant.  Both salts worked well with the Tempura items,  although from my experience the Okinawa snow salt works best with red meat.

天丼 イ HKD $140 - Tendon with Calamari Kakiage, Prawns & White Fish
Very accurate tasting especially the sauce and batter. Very pricy though! In Japan expect nearly half the price or sometimes more.  The full 7 pieces Donburi is $250+, in Japan I can easily find a place at a fraction of the price.. Nevertheless taste wise it was as Tokyo Kanto style as it gets,  especially with the sauce ~ 8.5/10

2 Tempura Prawns - 
Eat the tails!  That is one of the advice I receive from my past Japanese colleagues,  as that's where the intense prawn flavor lies,  as long as it is fried properly and crunchy enough.  A question which I always have in my mind is,  where did all the prawn heads go in such a Tendon shop? 

Ika Squid Kakiage Tempura - 
The Squid was soft supple, cut into nicely diced chunks.  Surprisingly I enjoyed this Ika Kakiage a lot,  it had flavor,  very right texture and doesn't over whelm you with too much veggies.

Apart from the Highish Pricing Point - 
I walked away being quite satisfied,  especially with the very accurate sauce,  which tends to be slightly greasy and soften up the tempura a little,  but is very Tokyo-esque authentic.   Having tried a basic version and feeling accomplished,  next time I might try the more upper end Signature version with the large Anago Sea Eel.  But that is at least $250 ...

Price: HKD $178 + 10%
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 

Address:13/F, Circle Tower, 28 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay
Ph: +852 35800654

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