Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Gochiso [ Hong Kong ] - Japanese Mediterranean style Food. With Neapolitan Style Pizza.

 Gochiso in Hong Kong serves Japanese-Mediterranean style food,  and as a casual restaurant is quite affordable.  It's run by the Japanese team who are also behind Watami Group outside of Japan,  and their Menu during my past few visits have always been constantly updated.  Some items perform better than others, but there is no doubt this is as Japanese-Western food as it gets.  I particularly like their Crab Meat Salad and Mentaiko Pizzas,  and Cocktail drinks start from an affordable $38 for a Fruity Mojito.  

Gochiso Sama...
What initially caught my eye to begin dining at Gochiso?  They boast that they serve Neapolitan pizze..  The Pizza doughs are fermented in house,  although obviously there aren't any VPN approved Stone Wood fire Ovens.  But Japanese Chefs are very serious when it comes to pizzas,  and hence why they have won many Naple style pizza awards over the years,  and as far as I know Japan has the most number of VPN Association approved Pizzerias outside of Italy.  Hence my Trust in them.

Causeway Bay Shop inside Windsor House -
I usually go to the K-11 store.

Strawberry Mojito Cocktail - $38
Ordered this girly drink.  The Mocktail version is also $38,  so I might as well order this here.  It's mildly sweet but balanced,  a decent Summery drink.  ~  7/10

Matsuba Crab Meat Salad - $93
I have had this quite a few times at K-11 store.  There's 2 types of Crab,  some proper Matsuba Snow Crab pulled meat,  and also underneath a pile of Surimi Imitation Crab.  Overall I find this slightly expensive but then the portion is large and its colorful appealing enough. Salad dressing is more white vinaigrette based ~  7/10

Spanish Croquettes with Parma Ham and Cheese - $48
1st time trying these.  I think the outside batter was fried a little too hard,  and the inside could do with more Cheese filling than just potatoes,  and also may be carry a stickier Bechamel sauce.   This is a new dish so it's still under-going development...  N/A

Porcini Mushrooms, Mascarpone Cheese on Linguine Pasta with tinge of Chili - $83
My favorite dish this visit.  There's other mushrooms on top of the Porcini now in season.  This was quite mushroomy and carried just a tad of heat...  It probably costs me more to cook this dish at home myself.  Would be back for this!!  ~  8.5/10

Wagyu Meatball and Tomato Pasta - $138
Another new dish.  I think the Wagyu beef had a good beefiness,  but somehow it was a little dry.  The pasta itself was mostly about Tomato based sauce.  If thinking from a Customer's viewpoint,  I would expect some julienned Basil herbs within the pasta,  and the Wagyu Patty ball can be filled with some Mozzarella cheese to justify its cost.  ~  6.5/10

Matsuba 'Snow Crab' Risotto with Wasabi - $83
This was quite pleasant.  My expectations weren't too high initially,  since at only $83 I didn't expect much from a Crab based dish.  However this was a pleasant surprise as the wasabi taste was just right,  plus the rice was cooked to a state that suits the crowd - not too mushy and not too chalky,  just right.   ~  8/10

Potato Wedge Fries - Add $10 for Lunch Time
Crispy with Potato taste.  And not overly or under-seasoned either.  I have to say this was one of the better potato fries I ate recently.   ~  8.5/10

8" Neapolitan Pizza with Mentaiko Roe and Sticky Rice Mochi - $68
A dish that I basically order every single time ever since my 1st visit to Gochiso.  Today's batch was less salty and less blistered up in the oven.  It is still decent,  but I preferred the ones I ate in K-11 outlet before...  Base dough was nice chewy none-the-less,  but needed more fire power to bring out the aroma.  ~  7/10

Added a Poached Egg on top - Additional $8
Just for fun...

Side Salad for Lunch -  Included in Lunch Set with Drink
This looked a bit empty with the sparse salad leaves and a few beans and chickpeas...   But surprisingly the salad dressing was really lovely, and almost tasted like it had smoked bacon within for some reason..

Matcha Green Tea Crepes with Cream, Shiratama, Adzuki Beans, Vanilla and Green Tea Ice Cream, Matcha Chocolate sauce - $38 for Lunch
The white shiratama dumplings were considered a bit hard.  I thought the Crepe itself could do with more Matcha Green Tea taste,  or else the Cream inside could be filled with Green Tea Cream instead to appeal to more customers.  The highlight was the Matcha Chocolate sauce on the side,  which I think could be spread on top of the crepe instead.  Decent concept,  but needs a small twist to maximize its impact.  ~  6.9/10

White Chocolate Sphere with Toffeed Cornflakes,  Dark Chocolate Sauce - $58
The price was so affordable,  considering this type of Chocolate Spherical dessert is taking the World by storm even in 2-3* Michelin restaurants.  My review will be slightly subjective as I love White Chocolate,  whereas many consider this to be just Cocoa Butter and not real chocolate.  The latter bit is compensated by the dark chocolate warm sauce poured on top.  The Cornflakes were a bit hard initially but eventually we settled down on it with a more tender bite.  ~  7.5/10

Price: HKD $70 to $200 + 10% 
Food: ♕♕♕♕
Address: Shop 203-204, 2/F, Windsor House, 311 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay 
Ph: 26583118

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