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Aberdeen Street Social x FeedMeGuru [ Hong Kong ] - Special 6 Course Dinner Menu for $450 in August 2016

 Aberdeen Street Social of Chef Jason Atherton's fame has received a lot of praise in the dining circle in Hong Kong, and during August 2016,  they are making a special HKD $450 only,  6 Course Dinner menu for .   The dishes were well portioned and cooked,  thoughtful.   If you want to take this opportunity to try out A.S.S.'s food at an affordable price,  please book through FeedMeGuru via this Reservation link:  Book FeedMeGuru x Aberdeen Street Social $450 Set Dinner

Looking into the semi Open Kitchen upstairs -

Nori Rice Cracker with Squid Ink Aioli Dip - 
This proved popular as a Starter,  with plenty of flavors with the dip

Warm Bread Loaf and a Smear of Butter -
The bread was very good,  served warm and fragrant,  with a crusty external layer.  The butter was light and almost like it was whipped before spreading onto the wooden plank

English Heirloom Tomato Salad with Rich Home Made Ricotta, Onion Seed & Aged Balsamic Vinaigrette -
This was interesting,  because it tasted more savory than I expected by visual.  We all loved how refreshing this is, and to me this is unique in that it didn't taste that green like most Caprese Tomato salads.

Pan Roasted Hokkaido Scallops, with Truffled Cauliflower Puree, Home Grown Radish Tops -
This is a pretty trusted combo.  The Scallops were caramelized evenly and portioning was bigger than the norm for scallop entree dishes.   Not big surprises here but executed well.

London Calling Drinks & Cocktails - Currently at only $50 Special Price
Didn't expect certain Wines and Cocktails to be so affordable here nowadays...  a good reason to visit by itself

Ice Cream Float with Ginger Ale and Roasted Banana Ice Cream - 
Ordered one of these as I miss them plus I was alcohol abstinent that night...  The ice cream was addictive and could have been a bigger scoop.  Luckily I got more of that in a dessert below 

Wagyu M5 Rump, with Roasted Gem Lettuce 'Caesar' Style, 
with Crispy Bacon, Anchovy and Parmesan Cheese -
The Rump has good meat flavor, with a profile close to what you expect from the rear butchered cuts,  yet the fatty strip retaining that end Sirloin unique fat's taste.  The charred lettuce with the anchovy and condiments were a nice supplement to the beef,  deviating from the usual Entrecote Frites combo with fries...  Lovely meat and portion was generous considering the price of $450 all up.

Frozen Dark Chocolate & Peanut Parfait, Roasted Banana Ice Cream, Cookie Crumble with Caramelized Banana -
Personally I am not the biggest fan of Banana desserts but this one was addictive,  why?  Because it was balanced.  The caramelized banana is also a concept I have eaten at sister restaurant 22 Ships.  Overall this suited Summer very well especially with the frozen parfait x ice cream.

Petits Fours -
The Yuzu marshmallow was a good finishing touch,  not too heavy.  The fruit pate was also quite sour and perfect for this weather.  The nutty fudge behind,  was surprisingly quite hot chili!   Overall for just HKD $450 for all these Dinner Courses,  I think its a great deal.  The catch is that you need to book through FeedMeGuru's website for no extra charge of course,  the link once again is here if you are interested:   Book FeedMeGuru x Aberdeen Street Social $450 Set Dinner

Price: HKD $450 
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕♕
Address: G/F, JPC, PMQ,, 35 Aberdeen St, Central
Ph: +852 28660300

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  1. Ginger ale plus banana ice cream, this combo sounds epic!!! *V*



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