Friday, August 19, 2016

Akari 灯り [ Hong Kong ] - Specializing on Japanese Seafood flown in Daily and Kushiyaki, Now Open for Lunch for a Bargain.

 I was walking up from Sai Ying Poon towards this new Foodie's Paradise area which is located in the mid-levels,  on a very straight and steep gradient climb up the hill from the office. One of my most favorite Institutional HK Beef Noodles Shop with 50-60 years History is located around here, but eventually I also noticed Akari down the street only 50m away is now also carrying a New Lunch Menu beginning from just a week ago.   Since I am always wandering in this area for inspirational eats,   I decided impromptu to give here a try.   Akari is part of the Dining Group behind notable places like Keyaki Central (Review: Keyaki ) which I have just been back again recently,  also the Michelin Recommended Shiba Yakitori in Kennedy Town, and the Japanese Bar Nocturne on Peel Street which I have been a few times but never covered,  plus a few more upcoming openings within the pipeline come these 2 months... 

Up in the Middle-Levels -
Looked after by a Capable Team and known for their Kushiyaki,  Robatayaki and Bars,  Sake offerings.  This Group is expanding quite quickly within the last 2.5 years.   Paul the Restaurant Manager over here is experienced knowledgeable and will look after you very well, and explaining the daily fish selections to you.

Negitoro Tuna & Spring Onions Lunch Set - Side Salad & Prawn Head Miso Soup - HKD $68
Although I like Keyaki and Shiba which are affiliated restaurants,   I did not initially know what to expect as it is my 1st visit to this outlet here.   I just randomly walked-in last minute.   It turned out this was decently portioned, and without any Green Tea or 10% Surcharge fees during lunch time,  all I ended up paying really was $68 as advertised!  I like it how Restaurants don't carry any hidden charges and deceive the customers.  Yay !

Negi-Toro Chopped Tuna, with Spring Onions, Seaweed on Pearl Grain Rice - $68
This was quite a substantial portion and was lovingly medium fatty.  I did not expect to discover this serendipitous finding so randomly on a weekday lunch session.  Though I am glad I did put a gun to my head and decided to come in!!  Nom!!  ~ 8/10

They Give Prawn Heads with Their Miso Soup -
This was also fragrant and lovely,  also Unique for HK Market.   I personally wished it had more chopped tofu within,  but overall this was very addictive with the Seaweed and Prawn Crustacean flavor definitely. ~ 8/10

Sake is a 'Masu' - A Must Order
I always have Sake or Shochu,  Beers at Keyaki the sister restaurant (and especially when over there they carry a real Bichotan Charcoal-Grill Bed too).  Over here at Akari,  they also carry grilled Kushiyaki sticks but they concentrate more on imported Fresh Seafood from Japan's Tsukiji market.  It seems like each and every one of their Restaurants do have differing themes,  and this could be a good excuse to eventually visit all of them 1 by 1.

Price: HKD $68 Per Person 
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: Shop A, G/F, 3 St. Stephen's Lane, Sai Ying Pun, Western District 
Ph; +852 28572127

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