Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Babbo Trattoria [Hong Kong] - Italian Fare from a Taipei Chef, Quite Expensive but Pretty Good Food to Compensate

 Babbo Trattoria has been on my Radar for a while,  but every time I read its menu I just walked away though for the pricing point   The likes of Osteria Felice, Trattoria Caffe Monteverdi  Ciao Chow,  Motorino,  Trattoria Queen Hollywood all serve authentic Italian food or with a trusty Japanese twist at nearly half the price.   Over here this represents a Taiwanese Chef's interpretation of what is real Italian food.   It was excellent indeed,  but the pricing policy was way too aggressive.  A pizza or pasta here however nice it was,  was easily over $208.  It actually doesn't make sense when in Naples in Italy a famous Neapolitan Pizza is usually around Euro 4,50 or HKD $39.50 on today's currency conversion rate even at an upper end Pizzeria, a take-away pizza in Naples is only like 1-2 Euro.

Squid Ink Linguine Pasta with Clams,  Squid Calamari Rings -
This was quite dark with the ink,  and the linguine pasta was cooked perfectly for my liking.  Apart of the Basil leaves,  there was also a hint of Lemon squeeze,Garlic and I believe some minced Spinach leaves as the base.   The Calamari and Clams were flavorful,  but not when its around HKD $238.   Only at Da Domenico also in Causeway Bay will they dare to charge even more ridiculous prices. That place is totally insane,  and only idiots go there and pay $70 for an espresso shot and $800 for a Red Prawn pasta with non-house made but dried pasta lol.

Some Italian Red Wine and Long Island Tea - 
Actually whilst the service here was great friendly, my wine was already spoilt. I didn't make a fuss

Calzone Folded Pizza -
They advertize that they make true Neapolitana pizza here.  It was true.  This really was very good!   But it was also quite expensive at over $2xx dollars.  But I miss it : D

Address: 4 號 二 千 年 廣場 5 樓
5th Floor,  Plaza 2000,  2 Russell St, Causeway Bay

Ph: 26061288

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