Friday, August 12, 2016

煙燻玉子燒 Smoked Tamago [ Hong Kong ] - Smoked Japanese Egg Omelette Rolls, Gaining Traction in the Outskirts of Town in Tsuen Wan

 A new Japanese style, Smoked Egg Omelette Shop opened in Tsuen Wan recently. It wasn't initially on my agenda to visit here, but another shop I wanted to go closed according to a foodie friend from this area. So with some spare quota left for dinner, I decided to give this gimmicky shop a try and it is already proven to be popular. Waits are around 25-30 minutes for your order to come out.

After Paying - 
The waiting time could be around 25-30 minutes. Each time around 6 Dashi-Maki or Tamago Yaki omelette rolls are being made by two Cooks..

Smoking Gun - 
Every Egg Omelette Roll is smoked individually and then sealed... 

One can see the Wood Smoke floating inside the box - 
You are instructed to wait for 3 minutes before opening the lid, so the omelette will absorb in more smokiness flavor.

Seaweed & Mentaiko Cod Fish Roe Egg Omelette, with grated Daikon Oroshi - HKD $34
煙燻海苔と明太子 だし巻き卵

This is decently sized for the pricing point, and freshly made then smoked..

Inside - 
There is not much Mentaiko Roe and what is there, is kind of more cooked than I expected compared to a proper Japanese restaurant's version. Overall this is a pass, there's some egginess and it's still semi-wobbly. For a quick snack it's not shabby at all, albeit personally I thought it was a little too sweet but there are versions like this in Japan too..

There are quite a Few Flavors - 
Including both Savory or even Dessert versions, such as Original, this Mentaiko one I ordered, Sakura Ebi, or Purple Sweet Potato, Apple, Black Sugar, etc. A bit gimmicky but at this price range and the effort of individually smoking each of them does warrant a try or two for their effort!

Price: HKD $34

Food: ♕♕♕♕ 

Address: B3 舖, Wah Shing Building Block B, 80-84 Hau Tei Square, Tsuen Wan
Opening Hours: 4pm to 9pm

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