Thursday, August 11, 2016

千両 Senryo [ Hong Kong ] - New Summery Fishes for Autumn, with New Items and Drinks

 Senryo is across the board in its line up, doing a Summer Special showcasing the seasonal fishes - especially Aji (Horse Mackerel) and Shima Aji ( Striped Jack or White Trevally ).  There is also a D.I.Y. Yuzu Shochu which comes with a granita like frozen Shochu.  Interesting!

Ume Jelly Soda - $35
There isn't too much Umeshu flavor within the soda,  but the jellies definitely were strong in this Ume Apricot flavor!

OSusume Special 5 Kinds of Sashimi Platter for 4-6 People - $430
Whole Aji (アジ  Horse Mackerel),  Madai (真鯛 
Sea Bream),  Shima Aji (縞鰺
Striped Jack),  Hotate Scallop with Meat and Skirts (活ホタテ貝)
,  Kinmedai (金目鯛 Alphonsino)...  This changes according to season,  as I have had this a few times before.  The current line up is usually similar to this,  but might change towards end of August.

Shima Aji - Striped Jack or White Trevally
Always a favorite in Hong Kong's sushi shops for some reason, it seems popular with patrons.  We also get to try them as sushi with rice underneath.

The Aji Horse Mackerel currently in-season in Summer -
Until around mid to late August.  One of the stronger tasting white fishes with shiny skin,  this is paired with Spring Onions and Grated Ginger usually.  Part of above Sashimi 5 Types Course for $430.

Aji Horse Mackerel Sashimi, with Yuzu Jelly, Miso and Fried Garlic Chips - $180
Pretty decently priced and good portioning.  This is a variation to the plainer version above, which I personally preferred but this recipe here is Creative and Presentable no doubt.

Shima Aji Striped Jack Sashimi with Fresh Basil,  Tomato Salad served Western Style - $138
I personally thought this was a bit over-powering with the condiments,  although the presence of the colorful elements with Chrysanthemum flower petals looked pretty and appetizing.  It also needed more Basil herbs if it stays true to the dish description..

D.I.Y. Yuzu Shochu - $45
Interestingly, this comes with Frozen Shochu.  Mixed with Yuzu Grapefruit juice and Soda.  It's actually pretty strong,  but perfect for this Summery weather.

Striped Jack Shima Aji Sushi - $28/piece
A crunchier,  leaner cut from nearer the tail.  I liked this cut the best..!

Prime Striped Jack cut,  Toro Shima Aji Sushi - $32/piece
The fattier part from the belly.  This is fattier than the above cut.  I think although Shima Aji is a summery fish, this part of the fish will peak when it reaches Autumn period.

Grilled Chicken Bone Sausage - $45
Basically a 骨付ソーセージ.   This is usually not made in-house,  but is nowadays popular with Beers in Japan.

Grilled Mero Grouper Fish Joint with White Miso Sauce - $88
Fatty and served Bone-in.  This got the consensus from many.  It's not as overly marinated like the Nobu version,  although I did think whether this should be served with a red Hajikami ginger stem too,  as per Japanese tradition.

Deep Fried Cheese Nuggets - $45
Very Cheesy inside,  in fact this similar recipe is served in many places but most are too bland.  Here it was almost the opposite and very cheesy.  Be careful as they are hot and retains the heat for quite a while,  even after taking photos!

Price: Approx HKD $300 to $350 Per Person
Food: ♕♕♕  to ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: Shop No. B3-01, B3/F, the Kowloon Hotel, 19-21 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Ph: 23679368

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