Monday, August 15, 2016

金鳳大餐廳 Golden Phoenix Grill Restaurant [ Hong Kong ] - An Institution serving Decent Steaks and Fries, and a Bargain $40 During Lunch Hours

 I haven't returned back to 金鳳大餐廳 Golden Phoenix for probably at least a Decade.  Back then it was super famous and was meant to be a Romantic date venue,  and even in 2016 they still do operate a few outlets.  I was prompted to come back here when I walked past during lunch hours and noticed they had a HKD $40 Lunch Set.  I can't recall much of their past quality,  and this is perhaps why I was keen to explore here again...

金鳳大餐廳 Golden Phoenix -
Slightly Sweetish,  very typical Old School Hong Kong-Western food style..

Chowder Soup - 
This surprisingly had plenty of Clams within,  and was quite flavorful.   Surely as part of the $40 Lunch Course,  this has to be punching above its weight category.

Steak with Peppery Sauce,  Served with Fries and Vegetables - 
The Steak was pretty big for this bargain price,  and most of all it was grilled well without too much tenderizing agent added.  The Fries arrived piping hot and were crunchy but not hard,  the side Cabbage salad balanced out the meal.  I don't know if I recall correctly,  but I thought the steak here has improved from the past periods...

Iced Lemon Tea - 
Included in the $40 Meal Set.   Have got to say this really was a bargain of a meal.  The steak and frites quality really doesn't lose out that much to many pretentious places popping up everywhere nowadays... And to think this has been in existence for so many years.  Where was I for the last Decade when I haven't come back to revisit?   Let's not make the same mistake again soon!

Price: HKD $40 + 10% 
Food: ♕♕♕♕  

Address: 灣仔謝斐道415-421號
415-421 Jaffe Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong (It has other Outlets in Town)
Ph: 28916832

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