Tuesday, August 9, 2016

金貴軒海鮮酒家 Elegant Seafood Restaurant [ Venetian Casino, Macau ] - Great $338 Dinner Deal for Properly Prepared Cantonese Food

 I have previously covered this restaurant in details before here ( Review: 金貴軒海鮮酒家 ),  and just a quick re-cap - the Chef here used to work under Lei Garden especially in Singapore.  Last time I was mighty impressed and it was decently priced.  This time around during dinner again,  we saw that they had a Dinner for Two deal at only MOP $338.   No extra charges,  not even 10% Service Charge.  Let's give it another try then..

Bamboo Pith, Shredded Chicken Soup -
As mentioned in previous Review, the soups here are amazing, because the Boss loves them. So far during the last few years, no matter how much other restaurants boast about their double boiled soup, I haven't had better than here.   8.5/10

XO Sauce Stir-fried Grouper Fish with Sugar Snap Peas -
This was a larger portion than we imagined, and it was quite fresh tasting too, the skin was still elastic..  8/10

Fresh Pineapple, Lily Bulbs and Sweet & Sour Pork -
This is one of their Signature Dishes here, although both times I ate this, I thought the condiments outperformed the meat itself. Which is a little too under marbled and hence slightly dry for me.   6.9/10

Crispy Roasted Pigeon with Prawn Crackers -
Very well done. Fried (yes not roasted) until Crispy yet non-greasy, the meat inside was moist and not too bloody tasting. One of the best I have tried lately, beating even the ones in Shatin during their peak periods.   10/10

Chinese Lettuce wok fried with Chiu Chow Po Ling sauce 普寧豆醬 -
This is just a easy dish to make. I prefer it to carry even more sauce.  6.5/10

Thai Rice with Red Rice - 
This was the drier fluffier type of cooking rice, which I prefer myself..   8/10

Red Bean Soup -
Done well here, with the sandy 'grainy' texture, aged mandarin peels taste and not too cloyingly sweet. A good finish to the meal. And only $338 for Two Persons, no 10%, no Tea Charges. WYSIWG for MOP $338. I need to go back soon !    8.5/10

Price: MOP $169
Food: ♕♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕♕♕ 

Address: 路氹城威尼斯人購物中心聖馬可廣場3006舖
Cotai, Venetian Shopping Mall & Casino Complex, St Mark’s Square, Shop 3006
Ph: 2882 9339

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