Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Lounge, Four Seasons Hotel [ Hong Kong ] - New Chef Andrea and Pastry Chef Ringo, Revamping the Menu and Plenty of More Italian Inspired dishes..

 The Lounge at Four Seasons Hotel, has welcomed a new Chef Andrea Accordi from Italy. His influence is noticeable immediately as reading the latest Menu, quite a few options are now modernized Italian Recipes with a twist, just the way I like them. Pastry Chef Ringo Chan has also updated the Desserts Menu with items which suits the current Summery and upcoming Autumn season.

Business Lunch Menu within 45 Minutes - 
$375 for 2 Courses

Avocado and Cucumber Drink - 
Interesting but a trusted combo. This was quite thick and is actually filling, and I can almost imagine some Fruit shops selling this similar item as a detox plan. : )

Bread Basket - 
The Crispy Bread, Latte Milk Bread and Focaccia with Olives are always baked well. Bread is one of the strongest point all these years within the Four Seasons hotel.

Corvina Ceviche, Pickled Apricots & Avocado, Tomatoes - 
The fish is not thinly pounded or sliced like a Crudo but is chunkily diced, giving them Ceviche some bite. Brilliant. I was also somehow craving for also some Tostones or Patacones plaintains to go with the Corvina fish too.. perks of eating too many hard bananas whilst working in South America previously! ~ 9/10 

Grilled Hokkaido Scallops, Australian Black Truffle, Button Mushrooms with Buttermilk emulsion & Lettuce Sauce - 
This was grilled caramelized well, and in Hong Kong we are blessed as we basically have 2 Black Truffles, 1 Summer Truffle and 1 Alba White Truffle seasons per year  ~ 8/10

Lobster Tagliolini Pasta with Trumpet Zucchini & Zucchini Flower Blossoms, Mullet Bottarga Roe HKD $340 - 
Perfectly cooked and the bisque like sauce was Crustacean Sweet Intense. What I liked about this Recipe was that it wasn't too Tomato-ey... Too many places do this with too much whelming Tomato base and mixed with cheaper Toasted Sakura Prawns. I like this purer version here definitely.. No Shortcuts taken!  9/10

Medium-Rare Mayura Station Wagyu Striploin with Roasted Beets & Puree, Crispy Purple Sweet Potatoes, Red Wine & Beef Jus Reduction. A Sprinkle of Sea Salt on top - 
I didn't realized this previously, but The Lounge at Four Seasons Hotel has pretty good Steak & Sides options for a reasonable price. Starting from the HKD $300 range to the $800+ Wagyu options.  7.5/10

Fresh Mint Gelato with Lime & Strawberry Semifreddo Centre, Caramelized Puff Pastry, Baked Meringues, Strawberries and Wild French Strawberry Jam Infusion, Freeze Dried Berries Powder - HKD $140 
I like this as it was both minty and also berries acidic. The Jam was done in-house with lots of effort. The Caramelized Pastry were deliberately half-torn with holes in them to make it crisp but lighter, just like the icy cold semi-freddo itself.  ~  9/10

French Chocolate Cream Caramel, with Raspberries, Candied Pine Nuts HKD $145 -
This using a French Chocolate, and meant to be also lighter for the Summer heat and not too dark chocolaty, very thoughtful.  ~ 7.5/10

Makrut Lime Leaves Poached Pineapple Creme, Pineapple Crisp, Fresh Summer Fruits & Pistachio Tuiles. HKD $135 - 
The Pineapple slices were first Sous-vide compressed and infused with Vanilla spice. Before being baked and dehydrated baked into a transparent state. Very lemony leafed in taste, a rather lovable concoction for Summery times. Very well done job! ~  10/10

Price: HKD $375 + 10% for Lunch, Desserts Extra
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕♕ 

Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, 8 Finance Street, Central
Ph: +852 31968820

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