Friday, June 3, 2011

Bar Parigi - (Bologna, Italy)


   Bologna is considered part of the Northern Italy’s region I believe?   Being the Capital City of  Emilia-Romagna, it’s often mentioned as one of the 2 major Food Capitals in Italy – the other being Rome City.     However, I began noticing how every other Japanese tourist on board the same train I was riding in either de-boarded at Firenze or stayed on en route to their final destination of Milan.    I was absolutely horrified why out of every Asian passenger on board the same train I was on,  I was the only one bar none to get off during this station on a solo mission and to me, a relatively unknown foreign city.    It sent shivers up my spine and really made me questioned on the spot whether I’d just committed to a grave mistake on this planning itinerary trip of mine?   Bologna however didn’t intimidate me as much eventually,  as I became accustomed to it’s surroundings.   The squarish grid planning shares architectural resemblance to Melbourne from around 10 to 20 years ago,  and this is probably less than just being coincidental as a lot of Melburnians immigrants arrived from this city many years ago.   Language barriers aside,  I instantly felt right at home and people here were on the whole much more approachable and classy and friendlier.   It also felt somewhat safer here by nature.    I was slowly warming up to beginning liking here… ! 

Bologna,  1st time here for me ..

By the first corner,
I was already lost… haha.   Damn GPS doesn’t work without data plan !

Bar Parigi -
The neon sign might say Essses Caffe, but that’s one of the common Bologna coffee brands offered within this city.  What is unexpected is that the real name of this Bar Parigi had to be asked,  before I worked out what it’s real registered business name is…  seems like people in Italy are more concerned with branded-name coffees than branded name cafes/caffe.  Explained below. 

Edible, rather than Artisanal Selection of Bread and Pastries -
This so reminds me of Melbourne of 10-20 years ago,  when quick grab bites were the norm but rather boring…  but we’re now in the 2011 period.   The food is probably becoming average …

A Famous, Commercialized ‘Coffee Roaster’ in the Bologna region, Yet -
One should never underestimate them.  Essses Caffe the Roaster and supplier,  will only certify a Caffe and their Baristi who have undergone vigorous coffee training courses, who can fully extract their coffee’s to their stringent intentions.   Only then can the Essses Caffe - Certified Bar Series Blends be used in the stringently chosen, certified café/caffe’s.  Such as here, one of the rare ones...


Espresso  € 1.0 -
I always order Un caffé with a weird Italian accent,  because coffee is locally by default a Single Espresso.  If you say openly  ‘espresso’ they might also understand you, but they do know that you’ve never visited Italy before.   This cup had a fairly bubbly crema with a brute Chocolate tone and a fairly recognisable Hazelnutty syrup.   Surprisingly no bitterness or spicy tone, rather approachable and easy to drink.   This was definitely less roasty than all coffees I’ve drank in Rome…  but is still no 3rd Wave coffee by tasting profile.  For an Italian blend especially   ~    7/10


Price:  € 1.0 Per Person
Score:  ♕♕♕ 1/2 

Address: Bar Parigi, Via Milazzo, 5, 40121 Bologna, 義大利
Ph: +39 051 252518 ‎


  1. 1 euro a cup of espresso. What a good deal!

  2. Yeh! So cheap there... chi sin....
    Some are only 0,7 Euro! :S HK too expensive!



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