Wednesday, June 15, 2011

“ HK Tourism Board Dinner ” @ Ye Shanghai - ( Harbour City )

Michelin 1 Star

 After last week’s local Dragon Boat contest during the Duanwu Festival 端午節, on this upcoming Friday from 17th to Sunday 19th the Hong Kong Tourism Board is once again organising a bigger International Dragon Boat and Bath Tub Racing event -  for details visit here @ their Official Website:    This 3 Day Event will be inviting competitors and paddlers arriving all the way from Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Taipei and Thailand.  Competitive racing at the Victoria Harbour is always exciting!     On top of this Racing Event,  the HKTB and Harbour City (海港城) have also collaborated to display inside this busy shopping mall,  a 3D Painting of a Dragon Boat,  the longest in the world on record!  It’s pretty amazing and realistic..

A World Record 60.46 metres Long,   3D Dragon Boat Painting -

This looks quite realistic and 3D, isn’t it?  You can visit this in real life
@ Harbour City in Tsim Sa Tsui.   Found outside Al Molo and BLT Burger Restaurants.

A series of Summer events to be running from June to August 2011 -
organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board  (HKTB):
*Thanks for the Invitation and introduction to their upcoming programmes.

自家製 XO 醬  -   X.O. Sauce
Nice flavour from dried shrimps

薏米水 -  Barley Water
A little clear..

Carlsberg Beer -

Pickled Vegetables -
Nicely pickled and refreshing appetizer

鎮江肴肉,  花雕酒醉雞,  煎素鵝,  醃青瓜,  醋雲耳 -
The Huao diao rice wine chicken was very good here, not bitter yet very fragrant.  The Ham with Gelatin was also of a high quality.   The other Fried Bean Curd sheet,  Pickled Cucumber and Marinated Fungus all made for a prettily plated appetiser dish !

川汁蝦球 -  Sichuan Sauce Prawns with Fried Pastry
A lighter version of this dish, with some fried chili and onion in the sauce.

帶子海鮮湯 -
A seafood soup with Fish, Scallop and Prawn.  Very prawny!

龍鬚桂魚絲 -  Dragon Beard Mandarin Fish
The fish is made into translucent strands.  Prettily plated with the fish head.
*Photo is of the individual portion

寧波肋骨  -  Ningbo Spare Ribs
The sauce was too thin and there wasn’t much braising or meat.

乾煸鮮筍四季豆  -  Fried String Beans with Preserved Veggies, Minced Pork & Bamboo Shoots
This version with bamboo shoots is a good summery dish!

火腿津白 -  Cabbage cooked with Milk and Yunnan Ham Shaving
This was plated a little diff to the norm,  but the taste was fine.  Needs more ham but!

小籠包 -  Xiao Loong Bao
I’ve had this before, but it was bigger back then.  
But this is easily the best XLB in Hong Kong, if not the world.   The Din Tai Fung version is similar, but the skin is too elastic to be authentic,  unlike this one!

Very good!   Love the natural Pork and Chicken stock flavour, and the pork inside!

Desserts Nicely Plated by our Food Stylist of the night!

芒果楊枝甘露牛奶布丁  -  Pomelo and Mango Soup with Milk Pudding
This was interest and very summery good!

黑芝麻焦糖布丁, 花生雪糕  -   Black Sesame Creme Brulee with Peanut Ice Cream
This was also made very well.  The taste is not too strong, which is quite different than what I make, but its good this way.   Went very well with the peanuts ice cream!

Remember to Watch the Dragon Boat Carnival -
Starting this Friday for 3 Days!!

Nice Night View  @  Harbour City

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Price: Roughly  $250-350 /person
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2
Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun -   11:30am - 15:00pm, 18:00pm - 23:30pm

Address: 尖沙咀廣東道馬哥勃羅香港酒店6樓
6/F, Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel, 3 Canton Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui
Ph: 2376 3322


  1. High praise indeed on the XLB! On the rare occasion I've had it, I've always enjoyed high-end Shanghai food.

    Along with a shedload of other Chinese cuisines, I wish that there were more Shanghai joints in London.

  2. Man, I've got to say this once and for all. Seriously, XLB in Shanghai is good, but in a different and more rustic way.

    I really think Din Tai Fung really deserves their praise indeed. The difference between Ye Shanghai's version and Din Tai Fung's is very minimum in it's current guise (it used to be thicker and bigger here!). But PERSONALLY and no one has to ever agree with me as I'm like 'whatever'..... I somehow thinks this skin resembles more of the traditional version but done in a good way ! : )



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