Thursday, June 23, 2011

源記甜品專家 - (Yuen Kee Dessert)

   Try pronouncing this:   Taxillus Chinensis.    I can’t!   But that’s exactly what they’re famous for here at Yuen Kee in Sai Wan.   This dessert shop is one of the oldest ones around town and has been operating for many generations.   Everyone comes and order their Taxillus Chinensis.   My 1st visit to here was during many years ago when we used to have Hot Pot at a shop only a street away from here.   And recently I’ve had a few more chances to revisit, either visiting with overseas Bloggers or having an after dinner dessert,  to order our  Taxillus Chinensis… 

Always Packed at Night ..


Taxillus Chinensis is on the Right Hand side of the menu…


Eggs Sponge Cake -
Their other signature.  This is hard and tasteless.
Guess it’s not the Taxillus Chinensis..   ~  5/10


桑寄生蓮子蛋茶 -  Taxillus Chinensis Herbal Tea with Lotus Seeds and Egg
Finally !   The recent visits have yielded a better result,  as in the past,  this could sometimes taste really diluted weak.   This is quite herbal-medicinal in taste,  and feels healthy.  The lotus seeds are cooked to the perfect powdery stage, the egg is not bad.  I am now hooked with Taxillus Chinensis…    ~    10/10

Hard Boiled Egg

胡桃糊 –  Fresh Walnut “Tong Sui”
The walnuts are ‘stone mortar’ grinded,  their other gimmick here.  But it is weak and diluted, without much walnutty essence.  Many places do it better.  It is not Taxillus Chinensis..
~   2/10


蓮子芝麻糊 -  Black Sesame Seed Soup with Lotus Seeds
Despite the colour, there’s not much black sesame taste.  Colours are deceiving,  and this seeds-seeds combo was certainly not as good as the Taxillus Chinensis.  ~   3/10


I think it’s been obvious..  This guy doesn’t know how to cook ANYTHING
except Taxillus Chinensis….     Well worth the travel to order this!


Price:  $30 Per Person
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Opening Times:
Mon to Sun -  12:00am - 23:30pm
Address: 西環正街32號地下
G/F, 32 Centre Street, Western District
Ph: 2548 8687


  1. Hmmm this place brings back a lot of fond memories. Old school and still alive and kicking.

    My mother used to pick up that egg sponge cake for me on our way home from weekend lunch back in the mid 1980s. Back then it was really good, at least from a kid's point of view! I'm sure I'll think differently of it now. I didn't know what the name of the place where the cake came from until last year.

  2. Wait that's the scientific name for the herb?
    Or just a made up one?
    Anyway, Hong Kong's desserts brought back good memories. How I wish I can say the same about the ones here.

  3. It is seriously, really called Taxillus Chinensis ! Sorry I just noticed I forgot to reply this somehow : )



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