Wednesday, June 8, 2011

S-wine Bar - (Bologna, Italy)


  I recall jotting down a few places I was adamant in visiting during that very short stay overnight in Bologna, said to be the 2nd culinary city in Italy.   Navigating around this city wasn’t as easy as I’d envisaged.  Especially when traveling on foot!   Next time around I’m going to be so not ashamed in bringing my skateboard.  After walking about cluelessly during random episodes of rainfall and grey sky for what seemed like an eternity but still not abling to find certain places on my list,  this whole saga surely jettisoned my carefully constructed plans – NOT!  As in, I wasn’t really that well planned anyway.. : P    Luckily I managed to find S-wine Bar before I was just about to give up.    Known for being the rare Aperitivo Bar in town during a 6pm-9pm slot,  something not as popular in Bologna compared to say Milan and Turin,  upon ordering  drinks you’re presented with an array of Stuzzichini canapes not unlike Tapas,  but all for free in Italy..    I think I must have arrived here a little earlier than scheduled however as  Aperitivo hour seems out of the question today at an early 3pm slot.   Nevertheless that won’t deter me from ordering the best offerings from the Emilia Parmigiani region ! ...

IMG_1357-1S-Wine bar is very popular,
Even before their famous Aperitivo hour between 6-9pm starts. 


Bread Basket -
As I keep saying repetitively but obviously the ‘experts’ do not seem to get anyhow,  bread is not usually served warm nor artisanal-like in most of Europe,  bar a rare few.  For this matter, this shop is already more than acceptable with its chunky grissini!   We’re constantly being bombarded by hearsay and accustomed to listening to amateurish advices about how Grissini should be soft and bready -  for fxck’s sake, do let me chip in with my experience.  Anyone will really struggle to find a grissini/grissino which is soft and bread-like in Italy, like that of localised Grissini restaurant in Hong Kong,  especially when locally everyone wants softer versions somehow!!  That preconception is so much of a local faux mentality who has obviously not passed the real test.    Back to original topic this was good, even though quite crunchily so  ~  8.5/10

An Aperitf, with Prosecco sparkling and Peach. 
Normally more of a feminine drink but I happen to like it. 
Why does that matter?  ; )  ~  9/10

Salumi Platter -
Made up of 3 types of individual Salume.    Apart from Mortadella ham,  purveyors of real Emilia Parmigiani cured meats will also find Turkish Ham to be a perennial favourite and one of the staples of Bolognese cured ham.   Presented on this trio of platter, Parma ham from this famous region is obviously a must-have too  (they also carry San Daniele from down South here upon ordering!).    The Parma Ham is slightly less marbled than I normally like them  -  but to be very fair its not Spanish ham afterall, which Jamon Iberico is surprisingly also available here upon request!!  Talk about being diversified in choices.    The local Salami was also pretty good and meaty, but probably not as fragrant as the ‘out-of-this-world’ good salami I have had in Rome at Cul de Sac.   ~  8/10

IMG_1367-1-3Cheese Platter -
Goat Cheese Pecorino
with Pepper, a very cowy Taleggio. and the not to be missed Parmigiano Reggiano representative of the Emilia Parmigiani region, especially when Bologna is the Capital CityTo be honest I’m more of a French cheese person… but this was pretty decent ~  8/10

Definitely worth a Visit -
They have really good drinks and Stuzzichini selections,
even outside of Aperitivo hours..


Price:   €23,00
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Opening Hours:
7:30am to 03:00am
Address:  Via Righi 24/a, Bologna (BO)
Ph: 051232631

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