Wednesday, June 22, 2011

金記燒臘餐廳 - (Kam Kee Roast Meat)


  Kam Kee is a highly regarded Cantonese roast shop in Yuen Long.  There are actually 2 shops close by to here with the same name,  which both began with the same origin of ownership  –  but the one located nearer the Wet Market has now been sold to a different ownership structure.   That leaves this store to be the only original still intact.   What made this Roast Shop famous in the past was that ‘under-ground’ oven they possess which roasted meats using real Lychee Wood.    Sadly,  fire regulation restrictions means this has been rendered an impractical option.   Quite frankly,  someone high up in the Government department should really do something about saving these ancient ways of cooking.   It’s rather disappointing that they continually neglect its value and as an asset to our local culinary history..

Gold Coin Chicken -
One of their later added Specialties…

Front Windows Display -

Famous HK Food Critic Choi Lam -
Named here as one of his 1 out of 160 most frequently visited restaurants in HK.
Not that it means anything, not until I try it out for myself !!


古法金錢雞 -  Gold Coin Chicken,  with Char Siu, Iced Pork Fat and Chicken liver  $40
We used to see this on the Dim Sum menu everyday when I was young.   Although Tak Lung or Manor are said to make the best versions of this in town,  I thought the version here didn’t really lose out.  The Char Siu was succulent, the fatty layer was even more transparent and less chewy than Tak Lung’s version, the Liver wasn’t dry.  The marination and basting sauce was a bit 1 dimensional however, and the presentation sloppy   ~  7/10


叉燒燒鴨飯 -  Char Siu Pork and Roast Duck Rice
The charsiu had both leaner and fattier pieces,  and the marination was sophisticated,  the meat tender and the grilling degree just right.  Pretty good!  The Roast Duck for once had a slightly crispy skin and not too much fat beneath and a decent duck flavour.  Where is Michelin? 
   ~   7.5/10

Roast Duck

Char Siu

It says this is the 2nd Store,
but actually this has now become the main store… 
Pretty good roast and Gold Coin Chicken.  Well worth a visit !

Price:  $80 Per Person
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 元朗水車館街66號
Ph: 2470 5996

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  1. Oh wow that gold coin chicken looks absolutely SINFUL. The only version I've had was from West Villa in CWB. That one definitely wasn't as glistening and I didn't like it. This one, on the other hand...looks like it's worth all the cholesterol and calories. YUM...



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