Friday, June 10, 2011

Il Bar di Eataly, Alti Cibi - (Bologna, Italy)

  Eataly,  short for Eat–Italy, is a high end Italian grocery store originating in Turin and has recently expanded this empire to reach New York city,  and over there it’s even being looked after by famous Italian Celebrity Chef Mario Batali.    This particular outlet in Bologna has a Caffé as well as a Library,  and also a small bakery counter!   Other outposts might also carry a Restaurant or Osteria side.    For me, I was more interested in receiving my daily dose of Italian Coffee!

IMG_1326A Library with Caffé/Grocery Concept at this particular store-
I like this approach !

Guatemala Coffee -
I was a bit taken aback to see Eataly’s coffees here consisting of three types of blend selections.
They start with a Robusta boosted blend aka Southern Italy style,  a Middle binding blend made of half Artisanal Blend and half generic Arabica bean.   Their finest offering is described below.

Huehuetango from San Pedro Necta,  Guatemala   €1,0 -
Artisanal Caffé’s which promote Single Origin beans are hard to find in Italy, so Eataly definitely deserves praise for its effort.    Like Guatemala Antigua,  this Huehuetango from San Pedro Necta is also a Super Hard Bean but slightly more delicate in taste.   Prized for their quality beans at an attitude upwards of 1700-2000m in the hills,  this carried a mid-bodied base with a balanced stone-fruit acidity but little of the smokiness trait from Volcanic soil.   The Crema was surprisingly quite thin despite the Volume and the final Extraction time to be visually spot on.   Identifiably with traits of lighter roasted NORTHERN ITALY coffee and Terroir Based origin,  much closer to 3rd Wave,  this was a winner and unlike every single coffee I’ve drank in Rome.    !!    ~     8/10

Right Opposite Eataly, a branch of the famous Taburini,
Famous in both Italy and the US thanks again to Mario Batali and Molto Mario again.
Mostly selling pre-made stuff like pasta and cured meat off the shelf.   I think I’ll pass…


Price:   €1,0   (Cheap again.  But Top Quality!  Amazing.)
Food:  ♕♕♕♕♕

Address:  Via degli Orefici, 19, 40126 Bologna, Italy
Ph: 390510952820

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