Friday, June 3, 2011

Impero Bar Pasticceria - (Bologna, Italy)


  Via Dell’ Indipendenza seemed like where a lot of action was happening right here in Bolognese city.   I needed some real quick coffee to get me started  (haha, I’ve just had one already duh @ Bar Parigi!!).   This shop apparently does pretty good coffee and pastries according to resources,  so it was a no brainer to give it a trial!  I have room still in my stomach for a full dessert filled breakfast!


Impero Bar Pasticceria -
A lot of food varieties here and with a lot of local traffic. 
But I’ll just have to try before I really know, right..?

Quite a bit of varieties - 
Looking good..  If I could just fit them all in!


Coffee Making Station -
The coffee used here is by MIKE.  Whoever Mike is …!    Those with a keen eye will know that The Village in Sai Wan (西環) in Hong Kong which I’ve covered before uses exactly the same brand and also coffee blend -  except it is definitely made better here.  Nearly everyone in Italy Co know how to extract a proper ‘Caffe’ afterall, by my general observation.   Although everyone are prone and tend to over-extract other than with the other way around.   It really depends on the exact degree they try too much to over-extract it somehow..

Heart shaped Doughnuts, with Chantilly Cream -
Real regrets for not ordering any of this, damn!  As I was suppose to be here to explore..
I guess I already knew deep in my heart what this will taste like anyway.

Barchetta di Frutta -  €1,20    
A boat shaped Fruit pie famous in this area, 
with glazed strawberry and blackberry.    Surprisingly satisfactorily good.    10/10

Conchiglia - Ciliegia e Panna  €1.0  (friggin cheap!!!)
A shellfish shaped pastry with Cherry cream with jam.   Really fluffily good ! 
Nice breakfast !    8/10

Cappuccino -
Mike’s Coffee
here was as you’d come to expect,  a cappuccino scuro (dried) version even when you’re drinking in Northern Italy, better known for coffee clarity.   At least this doesn’t come with some ‘souffle-like’ top,  that certain local Hong Kong baristi keep insisting is the traditional version and forces you to down it.  Let’s not name names, shall we?   : (..    A little better than The Village in HK since this is more smoother in the milk steaming and less harsh in the espresso base.  May be because it’s also fresher !   ~   6.9/10

At this part of Town -
A honeyed-custard cream syrup is often added into the espresso or milk coffee,
in place of just sugar.  Interesting..  You’ll see more of this eventually when I come to future reviews about Bologna soon.

Price:  € 3.5 Per Person  (Feels like I’ve never paid!)
Score:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: BAR IMPERO, Via Indipendenza, 39,  Bologna, Emilia-Romagna.
Ph/Fax: 051 232337


  1. Wow, the pastries look fantastic! And it's totally new to me that people add custard cream to espresso or interesting...!

  2. Oh I just love Bologna -such a beautiful city and such great food!

  3. the pastries look so tempting!yet to go Italy, aim to be there soonest :)

  4. @ Cooking Gallery, yeh this custardy like cream/honey thing is very interesting. I still can't work out exactly what it is lol, but it's popular here in Bologna!

    @ Gourmet Chick, yes I love this place. Can't wait to go back. It is actually so similar to Melbourne too, perhaps certain parts of New York. Yet to work out why!

    @ Adel, yes the pastries were good and the desserts. I have 2 more dessert reviews coming up soon! I need to finish writing about them 1 day :P



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