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Alzina Spanish Asador [Hong Kong] - New Spanish Opening in Tsim Sha Tsui, Traditional Spanish Dishes with Decent Pricing

 Alzina's Chef Juanjo Carrillo from Barcelona looks after this new Spanish Kitchen,  which replaced the previous Yayakiya Japanese izakaya under the same Dining Group.  Most surprising is that most ingredients here are flown in from Spain but menu prices are kept to very reasonable. Another revelation and trend setter is that the recipes here are very traditional and regional Spanish,  belying the TST location context. 

Alzina - 
Same street as Okapi, The Swiss Chalet and Kenjo II

Donosti Tortilla with Cod Fish, Red Pepper & Confit Onion - $68 
Good but the more Saltier Cod Fish style inside that is typical of true Mediterranean, not overly soaked-diluted by Milk or Water. Cassio and Catalunya still do the best versions in town for now. ~7/10 

Spanish Pecebes Goose Barnacle from Galicia, poached in Cantabrico Sea Water - $248 
These are quite fresh and briny from the sea water, but felt like they were finished on the grill quickly?  These are super expensive in Portugal or Spain itself.  ~ 8.5/10

Virgin Sangria -

Charcoal Grilled Octopus Leg with Chimichurri Salsa Sauce HKD - $238This was really huge actually, bigger than the photo can show. Nicely tender yet carrying smoky flavors, lovely !  Surprised at how easy it was to slice this as its girth was thick.  ~ 8.5/10

Calcots de Valls scallions from Catalonia, Spain - $78
Dipped in Romesco sauce. That time of the Season to plug up some bulbs from the soil, these delicacies from Tarragona, Barcelona.  Not pungent but mostly the sweet white part. Rare to find in Hong Kong ~ 9/10

Potato Ball with Wagyu Beef Cheek Ragout and Salsa Picante sauce - HKD $45
There's actually a lot of meat inside.  I expected the sauce to carry more garlicky and fiery kick actually, to counter the amount of meatiness hidden within.  But so well priced! ~ 7.5/10

Lobster Rice (Soupy) - $248
This came with a whole lobster,  and the base broth was again very rich.  Definitely recommendable although it could be quite intense concentrated in flavors, and personally I prefer it to have a few less cracks of Black Peppery, as we could always add more on top later ourselves. ~ 8/10

Plenty of Lobster Meat Beneath the Shells left..

Red Prawn & Seafood Paella - $248
Nice Seafood stock absorbed into the barely past chalky Rice Grains, a socarrat at bottom. The Red Prawns used seem to be the sweeter type aimed for semi-raw usage. I would prefer stronger tasting prawns to handle the heavy seafood stock in this recipe ~7.5/10

Paella Negra with Spanish Palamos Baby Cuttlefish, Ink, Iberico Pork Pluma, Fried Artichokes from El Prat Barcelona, Clams, Mussels, All I Oli sauce - $178
Very intense in balanced seafood flavors, the pork input thus wasn't as apparent. A must order dish here personally speaking and I hardly judge food according to my own preferences ~ 9/10

BBQ Spanish Quails with Mediterranean Herbs, Potato and Aubergine - $178
Nicely grilled and just right,  I was saying that may be this works with a Chocolate based sauce too just like is popular with game meats in Spain.  ~ 8/10

El Conchinillo Roasted Suckling Pig from the asador oven - $298
Moist and Crackly, very lovely. Served with a Gravy like sauce and a grainy Membrillo/Quince Paste. Fall off the bone tender.. ~ 9/10

Churros with Chocolate Dip and Vanilla Ice Cream - $58
This was done pretty nicely and not too dense or greasy.  The best version in Hong Kong I have tried is at El Cerdo in Tsuen Wan,  and this comes a close second.  I don't think I have even had another version in town which can be classified as third best if you ask me :P  The Chocolate sauce here however could be more artisanal tasting rather than just a syrupy dip for me ~ 7/10

Price: HKD $350 to $450 Per Person (Invitation by Alzina Spanish Asador) 
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 

Address: 29-31 Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui
Ph: +852 27239833

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