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PappaRich Opens in Central [Hong Kong] - Preview of New Exclusive Menu, Soft Opening on 22nd Jan 2017 for Dinner

 PappaRich from Malaysia has opened outlets overseas for quite a number of years already, but it took until 2016 for the first branch to reach Hong Kong's shore in Causeway Bay. Fast forward a year later, PappaRich has decided to open a 2nd Flagship outlet in Central, HK. Located at L Place, where the original Linguini Fini and Mana Cafe used to be, this latest PappaRich store carries an ambition to become the most authentic Malaysian and Indian food concept in Hong Kong, and even the fine tuned, more sophisticated recipes here are a notch above the existing Causeway Bay store. 

PappaRich - Serving Malaysian Delights
They also serve some Mamak Malaysian-Indian food recipes, and all are Halal Certified

Satay Sticks, with Spicy Peanut Sauce -
We didn't get to try some of the food,  although according to Head Chef Joe Wong, this sauce recipe is more on the sweetish side

3 Layered Iced Tea - 
Made with Gula Melaka Palm Sugar, Tea, Cream, this has a decent tea aroma and is smooth drinking.  For a stronger drink, the shop recommends the Teh Tarik version which we had after the meal..

This Chef from Malaysia,  is making the Roti Canai unleavened Bread -
It is folded then finished on the griddle.  Usually more round,  in this case it's a squarish version..

Roti Canai - Served with Curry, Dhal Beans and Sambal with Belacan Paste - 
This item is available in most PappaRich stores in the world.  In this Hong Kong Central outlet,  it is still being fine tuned before it might or might not be put on the permanent Menu.  However,  they do serve the Roti Canai bread with other Main Size Curry dishes.

Rojak Salad with Shrimps Paste, Jicama, Crullers, etc - HKD $65
One of my favorite dishes,  with slight variations across different countries.  I didn't get to try this today either as it was for a photo shoot.  Eventually I will get around to trying it - so far I haven't found a correct tasting plate in HK,  so hopefully this will be closer to the original(s)

Ipoh Bean Sprouts - Served with a Flounder infused Soy, and Salted Fish Chili Paste $58
Imported from Malaysia Ipoh directly,  these sprouts are wider and shorter, much sweeter than the norm.  Even the fried shallots on this plate were imported from Malaysia surprisingly,  they said it brings it closer to the home taste.  Lovely !   ~ 8.5/10

Seafood Laksa - HKD $98
I ate this at another time.  It has good intense seafood broth and a slightly curried base.  With plenty of Seafood, Tofu Puffs,  Fried Soy Bean Sheets, Eggplant, etc.  I liked this previously although it is more on the higher price range for a Laksa... ~ 8/10

Grilled Flounder with Sambal Sauce and Calamansi - 
This is usually served with Skate Wing,  but tonight they use a similar flat fish instead.  The Sambal sauce to me could be slightly more fiery and exotic,  albeit it was said some sauces were slightly toned down for Hong Kong.  I think us more hardcore foodies would prefer the original flavors we encounter in South East Asia!  ~ 7/10

Sarawak Black Pepper Prawns - $148
The imported Malaysian peppers are quite spicy and fragrant, even some Michelin Restaurants use it in cooking French or Western food.  This dish was superb,  with a gritty coating and the prawn meat and head tomalley roe flavors enhanced by the frying and peppery sauce.  They also do a Crab version here...  Must order!  ~ 10/10

Prawn Mee with Chicken - Cham Cham Mixed Noodles $88
This had a Prawny and Prawn heads intense taste as expected,  since the above Laksa also had a good seafood stock base. This used Chicken instead of Pork Belly sliced to comply with Halal Standards.  Overall this was a lovely bowl,  and at the bottom it was more intense and progressively got hotter with the chili!  ~ 8.5/10

Teh Tarik - 
Milk Tea that is poured 3 times,  using their special Tea Leaves and technique.  These use higher quality tea leaves,  which you can tell from the slight astringency,  and longer lasting tannin,  which creates layering.  Very good tea and addictive!   Must come back for this often  ~ 9/10

Mao Sha Wang Durian Cheese Cake - $65
Another Signature here,  this was creamy, sweet, smells of fresh quality durian, without leaving that almost sulphur after taste or smell.  A memorable Durian dessert which was well balanced.  ~ 8.5/10   There are many other dishes I want to come back to try,  as this Flagship Central Outlet has many new items.  Next on my list to do is their Nasi Rich,  Nasi Lemak and also the Cendal and Ice Kachang, also Coffees and Kaya Toasts!   This shop will be officially soft opening on 22nd Jan 2017 for Dinner.  

Price: HKD $98 - $250 +10% Per Person (Food Preview & Photo Shoot) 
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 

Address: Ground Floor, The L. Place, 139 Queen's Road Central, Central
中環皇后大道中139號The L Place

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