Thursday, January 5, 2017

Private Dining at Courtyard by Marriott Hotel [Hong Kong] - Chinese Cantonese Tasting Menu inside Hotel Suite 沙田萬怡酒店總統套房

 Courtyard by Marriott in Shatin, has started doing a Lunch & Dinner Promotion where customers can pre-book one of the few Hotel Rooms or Suites on the Top 29th Floor, and enjoy a Tasting Menu starting from HKD $698 to $898.  The dinner session inside the rooms will end around 11pm to Midnight and to book the biggest Presidential Suite,  the minimum booking is HKD $10,000 per room including private space and bathroom facilities, and it suits up to around 10-12 persons.  

Night View from Up Top here at the Presidential Suite -
Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, Shatin

Private Dining Table - 

Marinated Abalone, Smoked Quail Egg with Caviar on Fried Kataifi Pastry,  Scallop with Yuzu.  The Abalone was slow braised and absorbed in the liquid, but seemed slightly seared for finish which is a great touch.  The smoked quail egg is still runny inside, interesting dish when served with Kataifi.

佛跳牆 - Buddha Jumps the Wall
With Abalone, Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber, Mushrooms, Pork & Chicken, etc.  All natural tasting and not overly salty.

香蔥頭抽星斑球 - Fried Spring Onions and Garoupa with Ginger, Thick Soy Sauce 
An interesting dish because the spring onions are almost deep fried here,  and so was the fish filet.  A Cantonese concept but with a fried rather than steamed concept.

乾燒大明蝦窩巴 - King Prawn stuffed with Minced Prawn
with a Garlicky Tomato Chili sauce. Served with Rice Cracker.  Lovely execution and slightly spicy too.  This is a dish not everyone does well nowadays..

蒜片脆片安格斯牛粒 - Fried Angus Beef Cubes and Garlic Chips 
Surprisingly this was not dense at all, but bursts in your mouth with beefiness.  Very unique dish as usually when we get served this, it is inevitably overcooked. One of the most memorable dishes this night and even this surprised me,  may be too many duds before having this version made me skeptical.

荷香富貴鴿 -
Beggar's Chicken style but replaced by Young Pigeon(s), eaten with Pickles, Mushrooms, and both Steamed and Fried Mantou bread.  Really lovely fragrant dish, and the use of Pigeon was smart because they were individually wrapped in Lotus Leaves, which is more tedious work but looks more presentable.

鮮蟹肉薑米蛋白炒絲苗 - Tempura King Crab and Crab Fried Rice with Egg White & Ginger
With 6 taels of Crab Meat in the Fried Rice, this was lovely.  I hardly say this about fried rice with crab as usually you can't taste the seafood, but here it is hand shredded per order and the crab meat sang through!

Fried Sesame Balls, Almond Milk Tea, and a Layered Pudding -
The 蛋白杏仁茶 almost tea is interesting as there is a almond pudding layer underneath.  Overall a sensible Dessert Platter finish to the meal.

Interesting Option for Dining in Hong Kong -
Private Dining inside a Hotel Suite,  we were saying this suits families, company meetings or when you miss a proper Room Service!   Prices start from just $698 per person.  More details are available at:  Hong Kong Phone +852 3940 8888

Price: HKD $698 to $898 Per Person (Dining Experience Invitation by Courtyard Marriott Shatin)
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 

Address: 1 Sha Tin New Territories, On Ping St, Hong Kong
Ph: +852 3940 8888

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