Thursday, January 19, 2017

Dragon Noodles Academy 龍麵館 [Hong Kong] - Hand Pulled Noodles, Lobsters & Wood Oven Peking Duck

 Dragon Noodles Academy, aka D.N.A., is opened by the group behind Yum Cha Restaurant.  Here it concentrates on Lanzhou hand pulled ramens,  make many items with both local Rock Lobsters and American Lobsters, as well as making a proper Beijing style Peking Duck.  I like it how restaurants focus on only a few sell able items - as they usually do these well, kind of like how many restaurants operate in Japan.

Tossing Lobster & Salmon Chinese New Year Prosperity 'Lo Hei 撈起' -
HKD $488 for 4-6 People

A good pricing point considering the amount of seafood included.  There's also some crunchy Taro chips and Lotus Roots, together with the Colorful shredded veggies.  Good for celebrating Chinese New Year 2017 !

龍蝦蘿蔔酥 Local Rock Lobster Puff Pastry with Turnip & Water Chestnut fillers, using natural Orange Carrot juice for Pastry Coloring. HKD $69 Each, min Order 2 Pieces -
These are very photogenic,  but surprisingly I didn't notice during a previous visit that these were so affordable.  I have heard some people said they could do with more Lobster meat inside,  but at this pricing point I thought they were doing their job alright. ~ 7.5/10

Inside the Lobster Puff Pastries -

Whole Peking Duck, roasted with Apple Wood - HKD $499
Served with all the right condiments as per Beijing style, and carved 3 Ways beautifully. It is arguably the Best Authentic Bargain in Town right now. Quality seems to have improved too from previously..

Duck Breast Skin dipped into Raw Red Sugar - 

Meat Only -
Dipped into Minced Garlic

Skin on Meat from the Thighs and Back - Wrapped into Crepes 
Most of the newer Openings in Hong Kong that sell Peking Ducks are now doing a proper Beijing Artisanal version... Time for older places like Spring Deer, The American or Peking Garden to catch up and ditch those bastardized Hoisin sauce and to carve 3-4 ways!

I always wrap my own mandarin crepes with the Peking Duck Coz DIY with my preferred amount of Chinese Garlic, TianMianJiang sauce under and not above the duck, also the Rose heart Radish, Hami Melon, Cucumber & Leeks & the proportion of Meat vs Skin ratio is rather important to me

Lobster Tail and Hand Made Noodles - $149
Good amount of Lobster flavor within the soup itself.  The noodles seem slightly thicker than before, so they didn't go soft.  Overall a good pricing point for this noodles dish, and no bitterness from the Brandy input..  ~ 8.5/10

Baby Chinese Cabbage Florets with Sakura Prawns - $99
Lined at bottom with a Turnip ring and a soup boiled with Ham.  Sweet, Clear and with the veggies natural flavors retained.  Good job and nicely presented.  ~ 9.5/10

Imitation Shark Fin with Salted Egg Yolk, Minced Pork, Bean Sprouts - 
One of my previous highlight dishes,  this was full of Umami and surprisingly not fried with oil.  A must order dish for me as you can't stop refilling your bowl!  ~ 9/10

Pork Knuckle cooked with Gweilo Local Beer on Rice, Pomegranate - HKD $399, enough for 4-8 People depending on what else you order. Much better and flavorful, than during the Opening stage. A Chinese Paella.  ~ 9/10

Matcha Ice Cream - $39
With some Fried Cookie Crumble bits.  The Green Tea flavor could be stronger for me.. ~ 6.5/10

Coconut Sticky Purple Rice Garden 椰汁黑糯米 - $49
With Crispy Snow Fungus colored Naturally with Beetroot and Vegetables. Love this and some people will inevitably prefer it with more drizzled Coconut Cream on top for layering..  ~ 7/10

Flowering Tofu Curd in a Ginger & Osmanthus, Edible Flowers Dessert Soup - $59
Delicately carved into a 花繡球 flower ball usually more prevalent in higher end 杭州菜 Hangzhou or Vegetarian Restaurants.  One purely created for taking photos!

Price: HKD $250 - 350 +10% Per Person ( This Review Meal by Invitation by DNA)
Food: ♕♕♕♕ - ♕♕♕♕ 1/2
Address: Man Yee Arcade Shop G04, G/F, Man Yee Building, No. 68 Des Voeux Road, (Entrance on Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2561 6688

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