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HK International Airport [Hong Kong] - Newly Opened East to West Food Market, at Terminal 1 Gate 40 to 80

 Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is currently expanding their Food & Restaurants section into the West Wing.  At Terminal 1,  the East to West Food Market stretches from the Departure Hall in the entrance East Wing, to the West Wing side located at Gate 40-80 which has seen numerous exciting new openings,  some of which we had the pleasure to try for your reference.  The original East Food Market will undergo renovation soon, so to reach the currently updated West Food Market side, please read the simple How to Get There Guide below!  For more Official information,  please to to visit also:

香港有美食之都的名稱, 而現時在香港國際機場第一客運大樓之內就新開了一個美食區. 很有吸引力的名店包括以飛天燒鵝出名的鏞記酒家, 及米芝蓮三星名廚 Alvin Leung 的香港街頭美食店 Street Food MIC. 另外除了日本過江龍拉麵店梅光軒, 還有馬來西亞咖啡店 OldTown White Coffee, 池記雲吞麵, Burger King, 美式餐廳及酒吧 O'Leary's, 瑞士雪糕名店 Movenpick, 等等.

The Touch-Screen Map -
Key in on the Screen,  Restaurants > West Food Market > Gate 40-80.
You will be given an animation of how to reach the Destination Dining, which takes about 10 minutes.

Reaching West Food Market at Gate 40-80 - 
It is above the Cathay's The Bridge Lounge and close to The Pier

West Food Market - 1st Stop 鏞記 Yung Kee
There's some brand new High Profile Openings here.  Our first destination was for the Institutional Yung Kee, which has opened its 1st Shop outside of Central HK location..

(Yung Kee 鏞記)
BBQ Charsiu Pork Belly,  Roast Goose - HKD $250 to $275

The Charsiu comes in two offerings, the Caramelized Belly part is rarer to find in Hong Kong.  With Yung Kee's decades of dedication to the roast trade, here on this visit it was expectedly of high standards.

(Yung Kee 鏞記)  Sweet & Sour Pork with Pineapple - HKD $175
This was a bigger dish portion than I envisioned!  It's more of the sliced version and as is per authentic tradition,  comes with just the right amount of sauce coating.

Street Food MIC by Alvin Leung - 2nd Stop
Created by Chef Alvin Leung behind Michelin 3* Bo Innovation,  also Michelin 1* MIC Kitchen.  The Street Food MIC store inside the HK Airport,  sells Hong Kong style food for the travelers.

(Street Food MIC by Alvin Leung)
The Multiple Colorful Flavored Baked Buns -

Including Charsiu, Pineapple, and some Sweet Desserts.  Starting from around HKD $18 each only..

(Street Food MIC by Alvin Leung)
Eggettes Station -

(Street Food MIC by Alvin Leung)
Beef Rice Cheung Fan - $65

The same dish with Wagyu Beef is made famous in Michelin 3* Bo Innovation, and now available at more affordable prices at the Airport with a more moderately priced sliced beef option.  I actually thought this came with a more savory balanced sauce too !

(Street Food MIC by Alvin Leung)
Peanut Butter Ice Cream on Eggette Waffle - $55

When we saw this, we knew we had to order it!  Freshly baked to order,  this was egg and crispy, with what we deemed a substantial scoop of delectable ice cream.  I think a dessert like this deserves a big slab of ice cream for balance!  And price is so reasonable too by the Chef behind the Michelin 3* Kitchen!  Encore !!

Movenpick Ice Cream Stall - 
Now serving the Winter Waffles too

太興 Tai Hing Roast Meat and Cha Chaan Teng -

School Food Korean -
The very popular new Korean joint operated by Mira Group in Hong Kong, from Korea

梅光軒 Baikohken Ramen from Hokkaido -
Famous for their Chasyu Pork Shoyu Ramen

View of the Airport,  from Gate 40-80 -

O'Learys - American Bar & Food
Good Happy Hour deals here with Draught Beers

(O'Learys - American Bar & Food)

Hot & Smoky Pork Spare Ribs & Fries - $238

Served with Celeriac Remoulade and Pickles.  The sauce was smoky and if you want it to be more spicier,  feel free to add more BBQ and Chili sauce.  I prefer them slightly more moist than the dry rub type but that's a personal preference.

OldTown White Coffee from Malaysia -
Surprised to find this here,  as the 1st store arriving in Hong Kong!  This is something that is missing in the HK Market.  I love their Drinks here,  and the Food is Halal approved certified.

(OldTown White Coffee from Malaysia)
Prawn Mee Hoon Mee -
The soup base is imported from Malaysia directly, even down to the fried shallots. It had an authentic tasting prawny taste,  and a mixture of two types of cham cham noodles..  Addictive stuff and the gravy was uniquely diff to other options in town,  with an intense seafood stock taste

(OldTown White Coffee from Malaysia)
Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken - $88
Again, the Sambal chili and also the Fried Ikan Bilis anchovies are imported from Malaysia directly, ensuring an authentic taste.  The rice has a good pandan coconutty taste too.  Hard to find this taste in Hong Kong,  but now we can find it inside HK International Airport.

(OldTown White Coffee from Malaysia)
Pandan Kaya Butter Toasts with Teh Tarik Tea - 
Another Kaya Buttery item that is done traditionally in a Kopitiam shop, with aroma from the hand churned Kaya Butter. The Milk Tea was very fragrant and well layered too, highly addictive!  I wished this shop opened outside of the Airport too, hope so eventually.  Need to compare it to Killiney directly,  as that is my other favorite preference in Hong Kong's Kopitiam imports.

The New West side of the East-West Food Market,
is located between Gate 40-80 of Terminal 1,

Hong Kong International Airport. Definitely worth a trip to here to indulge in some quality local HK delicacies prepared by Michelin rated Restaurants or other fine foods unique to Hong Kong,  before your Safe Departure.  Remember that most items can also be taken on board as take-away meals!

Address:  Hong Kong International Airport,  Gate 40-80, Terminal 1, Hong Kong

Opening Hours:  Breakfast until around 10-11pm for Most Shops

Spending:  As low as HKD $18 to $88 Range,  Roast Goose items around $250

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