Friday, January 13, 2017

Lily & Bloom [Hong Kong] - 6 Chefs Signature Egg Dishes to Celebrate the Year of the Rooster, until 31st of Jan 2017

 Lily & Bloom, plus other participating restaurants in Central are currently doing a #EggsAllDay promotion to kick start the Year of the Rooster. Other restaurants and their Chefs who created their own egg dishes include Sushi Kuu, Mercato by Jean Georges, here at Lily & Bloom, Fofo by El Willy, Hilda Leung & Catalunya HK. Dishes start from HKD $118 to around $188 and will be served in their respective restaurants. If you want to try them all in one place, you can also order them at Lily & Bloom until 31st of Jan 2017. 

The Eggs Menu from 6 Different Chefs -
All with their own Signature Creations... 

Black 'Diamond' Truffles -
Stored on risotto rice grains

Sushi Kuu - by Chef Satoru
Onsen Egg on Japanese Udon Carbonara, Smoky Bacon & Dried Seaweed for Umami HKD $118

Catalunya HK - by Chef Ferran 
'The Faberge' Slow Cooked Japanese Egg with Cauliflower Gelatin disk, Caviar & served with Buttered Soldier Toasts. $148

Mercato Jean Georges - by Chef Anthony Burd
Crispy Soft Boiled Egg, with Tomato Confit, seasonal Maitake Mushrooms, Tarragon and a tasty Mushroomy, Veal & Onion broth. We all loved the flavors of this and we were hoping we can fetch some Sourdough bread to mop up the plate. $128

Lily & Bloom - by Chef Chris Grare 
Many's Favorite for the night - Truffle Panko crusted Egg in the Nest, with Asparagus, Farro & Roasted Corn cooked in Mushroom Broth, Black Truffle & Corn Puree, Frisée Salad.  $185

Fofo by El Willy - by Chef Alex Fergus
Poached Egg with Lobster, Shredded Potato, White Beans Ragout & Wild Mushrooms, served with a Lobster Bisque sauce which was sweetish with a nutty Beurre Noisette like base. $188

Lily & Bloom - by Chef Hilda Leung 
Soft Boiled Egg in Fried Noodles Nest, Prawn Roes, Duck Fat Fried Quail Egg, Honey Chorizo, with Pickled Seaweed, Saffron Chicken jus. $155

Lily & Bloom -
Pasta Cacio e Pepe with Black Truffle.  Apparently tonight's version was a little creamier than before, also less peppery on our table compared to another table.  But we had so many people tonight, this is probably normal as they are usually cooked as smaller normal portions individually!

Participating Restaurants:

1) Lily & Bloom 
33 Wyndham St, Central.  Phone:2810 6166

2) Catalunya Hong Kong
Address: Guardian House, G/F,, 32 Oi Kwan Rd, Wan Chai.  Phone:2866 7900

3) Fofo by El Willy 
Address: M88, 2-8 Wellington St, Central.  Phone:2900 2009

4) Sushi Kuu 
Address: Wellington Place, 2-8 Wellington St, Central.  Phone:2971 0180

5) Mercato by Jean Georges 
8/F, California Tower,, 32 D'Aguilar St, Central.  Phone:3706 8567

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