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Wagiku Teppanyaki 鐵板燒和菊 [Hong Kong] - New Teppanyaki House in Yuen Long, Chef returns from Holland

 Wagiku 鐵板燒和菊 recently opened in Yuen Long and thanks to the Japanese Marketing Company who organized for a few of us to come and try out the Dinner Tasting Menu at $1580 per person.  Here are the seasonal dishes presented and it includes the Signature Chrysanthemum Flower smoked Scallop dish, which represents the name of the restaurant. 

Entrance is slightly Oscure, but you can walk to here within 7-8 minutes from the West Rail Line, Yuen Long Station behind YOHO Mall.  Its behind the famous Song Song Drunken Chicken shop, if you are a local foodie familiar with this area...  

Ume Apricot Sparkling Sake as Aperitif -

Lobster Meat Salad as Starter -
Pretty to look at.  The lobster meat was surprisingly tender and sweet, treated well and not rubbery..

Oyster Shooter with Quail Egg,
Sea Urchin,
Diced Red Prawn & Hotate Scallop Sushi with Caviar -
The pretty looking Appetizer platter.  I liked the Oyster shooter and Scallop sushi.  Couldn't really taste the Red Prawn though, and the Sea Urchin could be sweeter and hold a better shape.  But overall still pleasing and remembering the below Teppanyaki dishes were going to be the meal's highlight

The Oyster Shooter with Quail Egg and Salmon Ikura Roes -
Using French Oyster, which was briny and crunchy fresh, mineral-ly

The Seafood and Abalones being prepared by the Head Chef Dicky,
who has many years of experience cooking Japanese food in Europe and Hong Kong

Teppan African Live Abalone, with Bonito Kombu Dashi,  Benitade leaves, Crushed Pistachio -
The benitade lending a slightly spicy shiso taste to the once still moving abalone. Overall this was tasting and cooked mi-cuit just right.

King Prawn with Saikyo White Miso Avocado Sauce - 
A smart recipe especially when the sweet miso will work with the avocado, a recipe I might borrow from in future.  The prawns were cooked well but not overly buttery, seasoned just right.  Lovely, and after this 2nd Teppanyaki dish,  my confidence about Chef Dicky's cooking was growing already..

Alaskan King Crab Legs, with Sea Urchin Cream Sauce and Grilled Shishito Peppers -
Sweet crab legs, the meat inside were half Teppan grilled and half Steamed in its own juice.  Falls off the shell easily, with the crustacean shells also grilled until aromatic, which is rare to find in Hong Kong compared to in Japan.  The sea urchin sauce was strongish too, which I loved its pairing with the crab meat.  I was jokingly saying this could benefit with a few strands of Inaniwa udon to soak up all the sauces..

 Chrysanthemum Flowers Smoked Hokkaido Scallop, Himalayan Pink Salt -
This smelled sweetish and smoky, like a Chrysanthemum tea.  Using two types of flowers, this Signature dish here was interesting as it is smoked in front of the Customers on the teppan grill itself.  For me,  I think I needed more than 1 of these scallops!

Grilled to Medium-Rare precisely on the Griddle -
Nicely sweet smoky, and the last minute sprinkle of Himalayan salt helped bring out the Sweetness within 

Grilled French Goose Foie Gras on Toast, with Aged Aceto Balsamico, Asparagus and Brulee Lime -
A job well done, just seared beyond Medium-rare, but not dry, it was also flavorful without being too gamey.  The sugary crusted lime actually worked very well together with the Gras, handling the grease well.  I have had caramelized fruits with Foie Gras before, usually sweetish Figs.  Little did I know Lime actually worked even better with the high acidity and aromatics.  

A4 Omi Beef 近江牛 滋賀 -
The Omi Sirloin is cooked as we requested to Medium, with a seared crust.  I really loved this Omi Wagyu beef for once,  it has texture and good beef and wagyu fat flavor all in one.  A rarity in Hong Kong.  Eaten with freshly grated Wasabi and Himalayan Pink salt.

Aka Red Miso Soup, with Pickles of Red Wine Shallot, Daikon and Goubou -
Loved the pickles.  As for the Miso soup, for an Aka Miso it could carry more depth within it, as it should be more savory and almost aged smoky.

Wagyu Fried Rice with Eggs,  topped with King Prawn Head and Crispy Legs -
A good job, the rice was not overly moist and individually grainy, with good flavors from the wagyu fat mostly.  Could do with a smidgen more salt for me but I would rather it this way, coz it is easily fixable by ourselves.

Yuzu Sorbet - 
Included in the HKD $1,580 Tasting Menu set.  Nicely refreshing, I was tempted to bite into the frozen yuzu skin too.  Overall Chef Dicky's Teppanyaki skills, cooking and presentation are almost half European and half Japanese inspired,  having spent a lot of time cooking Japanese food in Holland and Germany, and now also Hong Kong.  This is a good Teppanyaki option in Yuen Long, although it does come with a price tag that might be slightly heftier than the norm in this suburb.

Price: HKD $1580+10%
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 元朗鳯攸北街5-7號順豐大廈地下36號舖
Shop 36, G/F, Shun Fung Building, 5-7 Fung Yau Street North, Yuen Long
Ph:+852 37098826

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