Saturday, August 27, 2011

Birdman Eating Café - (Melbourne)

  Gertrude Street and nearby Smith Street has evolved during the last 1 or 2 years I’ve been absent from town.  There’s always been in existence a pretty decent French Creperie,  an institutional Spanish tapas joint Anada, and a so-called Artisanal pizza place Ladro plus a few more of the Enoteca wine bars on this stretch.    But a sudden influx of new restaurants invading the suburb or did they recruit a spinmeister to pull off these tricks has definitely reshaped the whole vibe surrounding this once seclusive environment.  You’ll still manage to spot a few druggy junkies zigzag-walking into your path and murmuring with their frothing mouth in broad daylight,  and there’s been a growing gang of aborigines watching over your every movement like human satellites!   And today we followed a weirdo Anglo-Saxon Melburnian fully adorned with a silvery blinging cape role-playing his Mr Chancellor act from an episode of Star Treks when they’re about to visit the Planet of the Apes!   Now, there’s some crazy shxx happening around this corner!  And perhaps crazy people,  equally need stimulatingly crazy food…   There’s Cutler & Co at the front of the street,   a pretty decent Veggan Mex Trippy Taco, Café RosamondMonsieur TruffleGigibaba, HuxtableJosie Bones, a couple of Japanese izakaya’s, De Clieu Cafe and Proud Mary, plus the odd Peking Duck or Thai restaurant thrown into the mix.    


Meet my doggie friend – Hunter
He’s a Welsh Terrier.   We want to feed him some crazily decent food today!


Birdman Eating -
What is birdman? 
Like Japan’s Yattaman?


Birdman Eating,  Specialises in Eggs -
They serve Baked Eggs in a variety of forms,  and occasionally you’ll notice they offer W.A. Black Truffle to go with some of their scrambled eggs dishes.   All at a premium price, of course..


Hepburn Spring Sparkling Mineral Water -
This is actually of very high quality.  With the subtlest of bubbles and a good minerality to it,
it was almost like a ‘mousse’  ~  9/10



Zucchini & Feta Fritters -  AUD $9.50
A little spiked up with Mediterranean style spices,  this was done really well.


with Finely julienned Zucchini with a whipped Feta cheese cream ~



Baked Eggs,  Hoffman’s Cabbage, Heirloom Carrots and Keiser – AUD $14
The heirloom carrots were my favourite as they were super packed with sweetness,  the eggs were baked to a runny state.  The cabbage with what seemed like ham or guanciale pieces were served with decent bread and butter to eat with it together.   This is the type of food you would want to eat on a daily basis…    ~  8/10



Smoked Pulled Pork,  with Shredded Lettuce and Mint Open Sandwich,
with quenelle of Roasted Pineapple Sorbet  – AUD $16
This is just a run down café that I’ve never even heard about,  and look at how much thoughtfulness has been put into the recipe?  Served on toasted Brioche nanterre slices,  we loved the smokiness of the shredded pork, and the roasted pineapple sorbet was a match in heaven.  ~  9/10



Ploughman’s Lunch:  Marble Score ‘6’ Corned Beef,  Welsh Rarebit & Sweet Mustard Pickle – $16
The stout beer taste in the Welsh Rarebit wasn’t apparent enough for my liking, but this dish fitted well with the theme today as remember,  we’re eating with our Hunter-the-Welsh-Terrier!   The well marbled and house corned Wagyu Beef was excellent,  working exceptionally well with the mustard pickles.  Simple food fare,  done with a lot of thought into the formulae.   ~  8.5/10



Green Tea -
Love that 2 layered tea pot,
served with loose tea leaves..



Hunter,  our VIP Guest of Today -
We hope ‘Hunter’ had enjoyed his time dining out in the café with us…
He loves hugging our legs whenever the owners leave the house,  he simply doesn’t want us to leave him behind.   So we guess we’ll just have to bring him along to our future dining adventures.  He doesn’t know the word please ‘let go’ of my leg!!  : )




Price: AUD $20 per person
Food:  ♕♕♕♕♕

Opening Hours -
Mon - Fri: 7am - late.  (Around 6pm, but they’re starting to serve Dinners).
Sat - Sun: 8am - late

Address: 238 Gertrude St, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria 3065
Ph: (03) 9416 4747


  1. the teapot is very pretty, it has got a vintage feel.

    and hunter is very cute!

  2. Miss Tam Chiak,

    I loved that 2 level teapot as well - it is so European! And yeh Hunter is a very playful and cute little doggy. I'm going to kidnap him soon 1 day from my friend : P



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