Sunday, August 14, 2011

Les Philosophes - (Paris, France)


A café bistro for Philosophers  ?


A Long Philosophical piece about themselves! 




Limonade Pression,   Le Verre 25cl -  3 Euro
Lemondade,  slightly sparkling.  A popular choice.. 


A Carafe of Red Wine from Cote Du Rhone – 8 Euro
A pretty decent table wine actually, 
at least its not a Vin de Table/Pays quality!


Baguette -
Pretty decent.  Obviously,  it’s served cold.  As fresh bread in Europe is mostly served.
~   8/10


Tarte Tatin a la Tomate -  7 Euro
This was a savoury tomato tarte tatin,  baked upside down in the oven.   After caramelisation the tomatoes became very sweet.   I really liked this and it’ll be good if someone makes it for me as a lunch.  Subtly herbed  ~    9/10




Steak Tartare,  Salade Mixte -  15 Euro
The funny thing about this Tartare is that,  we prepare the seasoning and mixing in the egg ourselves on the table.  If you order the ‘prepare’ version for 3 Euro’s more,  the kitchen does it for you instead!     The Steak Tartare came arriving looking like a flower in a garden bed,  with an egg yolk sitting in the middle like a sun flower!!   Pretty!   We also liked the herbs, capers and diced onions.  The sauces given were a bit generic though.   Beef taste wise?   It was a little overly minced for our liking and it didn’t had that much beefiness.  More for show than for flavour!   ~     6.9/10



Cuisse de Canard Maigre Confite Comme Autrefois -  21 Euro
This duck was very good,  the meat well confited and instilling the fatty flavour back into the meat.  The skin was crispy but not overly salty.  Came with some decent fried potatoes,  and a Honeyed sauce which worked really well with the duck,  although I prefer eating it as is !  Simple Parisian fare done properly,  which is hard to find sometimes….  ~   8/10




Crème Brulee – 7 Euro
Proper restaurant Crème Brulee’s are made in these largish dishes.  The bruleed sugar top was done as a thin and crisp layer,  which surprisingly not many shops in HK can do right.   The crème layer below was very vanilla and creamily smooth.   My dining friends all agreed there is NOT even a single crème brulee we’ve had in Hong Kong which is of this standards -  and to make matters worst?   I had a better Crème Brulee than this somewhere else in Paris.  For some reason,  it is just better over here generally and it is not a placebo effect either.  It is like comparing HK Macarons with Paris Macarons,  as there is simply no comparison for who knows what reasons.     ~   9/10  



A very busy and popular Kitchen with the locals,
found in the popular Marais district…  Food wasn’t exceptional,  but its horses for courses.
This is not aimed at the fine dining level.   It’s not even bistro level,  but a place to hang out !




Price: 23 Euro Per Person
Food: ♕♕♕♕

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun   9am - 1:30am

Address:  28 rue Vieille du Temple 75004, Paris
Ph: 01 4887 4964

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