Sunday, August 14, 2011

Le Pain Quotidien - (Paris, France)

  Le Pain Quotidien used to be a boutique patisserie shop from Belgium,  but it can now be spotted in most European cities,  much like Paul or some other brand names (or the Robuchon’s too, if we think about it).     In need of a quick breakfast,  I wanted to pay a return visit to this shop again,  mostly to take some photos..!    What I ate turned out to be great,  so it made me rethink that it’s quite unfair to label all chain stores or franchised businesses to be not worth spending the money on  -   I mean,  it probably grew to be so successful in the first place,  coz it was actually pretty decent!



Pain au Levain..
it sounds like chain store artisanal bread to me !



The Selections:
To a genuine artisanal patissier chef, these selections are considered very normal, right?
But as long as they taste great,  it can still be enjoyable I guess!




Some House Made Jam Preserves -
ready for your unlimited usage on anything.  They were quite decent for commercial quality..






Fresh Orange Juice -



Tartelette Caramel -  5,80 Euro
This was surprising very good!  The Caramel is slightly salted,  and not overly sweet so it was just darkened enough.   The pastry crust was light and not too dense,  unlike many shops which doesn’t know what it is doing.    This was quite addictive!    ~   9/10


Ordering Counter with the Bread and Pastry displays -


Price: 9 Euro
Food: ♕♕♕♕

Address:  18-20 rue des Archives 75004 Paris,  (Metro Station:  Hôtel de Ville, walk 3-4 mins)
Ph: 01 44 54 03 07

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