Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Croft Institute - (Melbourne)

  Hidden bars tucked away in the tiny back alleys, away from the daily stresses of life and mundane complacency.  The reality is simple, you’re always looking out for something else extra, that can give you a daily dosage of stimulus and excitement!   Where will you find that everybody’s hero?   The Croft Institute is something you couldn’t possibly expect to find in a lot of cities.   You will need to navigate your way through a multiple series of labyrinth maze and paths,  and oddly enough,  it is plucked right in the middle of a side street off Melbourne’s Chinatown.  Except half the population wouldn’t even know it even exists.   We often make a joke amongst ourselves,   that as long as there are a long line of rubbish bins and a pathway too narrow to drive your car through it,  you’re bound to find that popular bar in Melbourne!   Can you really see this irony too?    


Bins,  Graffiti -
Ok,  I think there might just be a bar nearby ?  :3 

Yo man,  what you staring at …  ? 

The Croft ? -
Wonder what it is insinuating and pointing at,  and that arrow too…


The Croft Institute -
Not many tourists come by here, 
only because it is right in the middle of a touristy must-visit spot,
yet no one even knew it exists in this back alley along Chinatown. 


Laboratory Apparatus -
It’s like Dr Frankenstein’s experimentation room here. 



Jamaican Jewel -  AUD $18
Made of Appleton V/X Jamaican Rum,  Green Chartreuse, and Rosso Antico Bitters.  This was one mighty drink of a cocktail.   It was medicinal and almost like an elixir potion.  It’s the perfect drink for a sorcerer or a Merlin’s!   ~   9/10



The Best Kept Secret -
Half the population probably wouldn’t even know this existed,
right behind Little Bourke Street.  And the Mixologists here are hardcore..


Graffiti and Spray Painting -
Not as much as a ghetto or the Bronx area as one might think,
people just love spraying their art and manifest themselves.



Get ready for your Syringe from your Nurse -
It’s mental,  and it is definitely an Institute well worth a visit.

You’ll need to be smart,  in order to decipher this -
Or just get really drunk from your magic potions : D



Price: AUD $18
Drink:  ♕♕♕♕♕

Opening Hours -
Mon to Thurs -        5pm - late
Fri -                         5pm - 3am
Sat -                        8pm - 3am
Sun -                       Closed

Address:  21 Croft Alley, Melbourne, 3000  (hidden behind Chinatown in a hidden alleyway)
Ph: (03) 9671 4399

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