Friday, August 19, 2011

Dalloyau Salon de thé - (Paris, France)

  Dalloyau,  one of the most oldest and traditional style French food shops dating back to 1682,  seems to have dropped off the radar or lost its lustre during recent years.  They’re not even making much noise.  Yet, they continue to garner a big following in it’s Japan outlets but I was more keen to revisit the Paris stores instead – once again I chose the bigger one of their shops in Bastille which carried the best range.    This store runs as both as deli as well as a Tea Salon,  which definitely suited my purpose.   Once again there are to be No Photos allowed,  but somehow I took a lot of them before I got told off again,  just like my experience at Pierre Herme.



My sole purpose coming to here -
was to re-try the food and re-take photos to make up for the past.
No one is going to stop me this time !



Pretty Neat Cakes -
I’m at home!






There are some Savoury treats here -
Mostly snacks, pates or confitures,  with a few cous cous salads and the likes.

Petite Gateaux -
They do don’t look as ‘interesting’ or creative as the selections at Pierre Herme  or Laduree Paris.


However,  they’re Old School pastries done very neatly -
One will actually struggle to find this particular type of French Pastry Selections in Hong Kong, if you ask me.  I’ll happily eat it all day -  than eat those localised Creamy Sponge Cakes passing off as good desserts,  especially the ones in 九龍城 Kowloon City area.



Macarons -
They are not as tidy or uniform as the other shops,
and they’re old school.   To the point,  they don’t even use much food coloring!



Salted Caramel Macaron -
This had the right texture,  despite a rather odd looking footing and a not so smooth a shell.  It was nearly crisp outside but nice and moist inside,  but probably a little too ‘sticky’ compared to Laduree.   The salted caramel buttercream was decent.   ~  7.5/10



Cognac Champagne Remy Martin -
I liked this one more,  with just a hint of Cognac spiking the macaron sandwich.
It was decent.  You can find prettier macarons out there,  but this passed the taste test ~  7/10



Pamplemousse -
A pamplemousse juice is made from grapefruit.   It’s pretty popular in France,  much like the red berries or lychee.   ~  8/10



Dalloyau Opera Cake -
This is their famous Dalloyau Opera Cake,  which everyone else in the world copied from!
  Although not my 1st time trying it,  it’s always good to revisit it a few years down the track.   Invented as the Opera cake in 1955 by Cyriaque Gavillon from Dalloyau,  this cake borrowed ideas from similar sliced cakes and created to show visible layers of various ingredients, to be eaten in a single bite to release the various layers in taste.   Joconde biscuit is soaked in coffee liqueur,  then layered with coffee buttercream and then there are 2 layers of chocolate ganache in between. 

Side Section -
This was very good.  It wasn’t overly spongy like the Asian rip-off version nor too dense like others trying to copy it.  This is simply the best Opera Cake even though one would expected someone else to have improvised and made a better version by the 21st Century!  ~   10/10


Canele -
Trying a traditional Canele de Bordeaux here makes sense.  The exterior crust on this was spot on, slightly caramelised but not hard crispy.  The inside was slightly hollow in the middle,  but at least not wet like the one in Laduree Paris.   This didn’t have as much rum and vanilla taste though but was still detectable,  but had a good egginess instead.   It’s not perfect – but it is better than most that I could grab on a regular basis!   ~   8/10



Pinkish Interior,  Hello Kitty colours.  
No wonder the Japanese really love this shop!


Price: $17€ per person
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Opening Hours -
Mon to Sun   11:00am to 7:00pm

Address: Bastille 5, boulevard Beaumarchais - 75004 Paris M Bastille
Ph: 01 45 77 84 27

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