Friday, August 5, 2011

De Clieu Café - (Melbourne, Australia)


Looks like a bigger brother of HK’s 18 Grams in Causeway Bay !



Pastries Display Shelf -
Other food are available on a separate menu


My Coffee Cupping Session Today -
There is free Coffee Cupping every Thursday at 3pm in De Clieu Café, a pretty common thing in Café’s locally.  This provides an opportunity for both Café and Customers to learn more about new coffee bean lots being trialled, or blends being generated for future ‘daily specials’ …
Some Specialty coffees including a lovely Kenya Ngandu or Costa Rica Brumas del Zurqui,  etc.


Water Temperature is monitored and weighed -
For using in filtered coffee,  V60, Aeropress or Cupping purposes…



The Very Knowledgeable Staff -
Some staff also work at 7 Seeds,  the famous sister store.  Now preparing for our cupping session.  Picture below shows a potential future ‘espresso’ blend, all the others are at hand dripped/filtered roasting level.  Note that not every coffee here is ‘cupped’ at prescribed Agtron colour levels,  as that is an older approach which might not suit the character of the individual beans -  or is for Roaster Purchasing level.  Café’s now like to ‘cup’ at a roasting level  representational of the beans potential,  especially if it’s from a farm they’re already familiar with but only checking consistency of batches…






Food and Coffee Menu -


Espresso of Kenya Kandara & El Salvador COE #9 -
Quite a bright coffee, with a mid-body and very winey note,  it had a very green apple and lemon/grapefruit finish and a very long lasting aftertaste.  Not much of the chocolate or spice note in this cup.   Very addictive.   ~  9/10


Ham and Cheese Croissant -
Now this is a very good croissant!   Buttery, well structured and soft-flaky,  I miss this proper Western-type of croissant.  ~   9/10



Canele -
Shape is neat,  unlike a lot of self-imploded or burnt exterior shell versions.  Taste wise,  the outer shell was spot on,  but the inside could do with more rum and vanilla taste -  also could be a little less wet.   Not bad.    ~  7/10



Caffe Latte -
Using same blend as Espresso.  This was very lovely.  The chocolate appeared more in this milk based cup,  but some of the blackcurrant and citrus note did cut through the milk,  making this a very refreshing drink. Very interesting yet balanced, no jagged edges.  ~   10/10



Synesso Hydra -
Not a bad equipment set up, actually, very good!   Not a shop in HK even uses one of these mean machines.  But wait until you get to their sister shop!




Price: $7.50 per person
Coffee: ♕♕♕♕♕1/2
Food:  ♕♕♕♕♕

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun -         07:00am - 17:00pm

Address:  187 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy,  Melbourne,  Australia.  (Accessible by Tram from City)
Ph: 9416 4661

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  1. Again, SO jealous of your trip back to Melb! Damn the low HKD!! :( This looks totally awesome. One of the best coffees I've had ever was at BBB, also a 7 Seeds outpost :D



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