Monday, August 15, 2011

Dessert Thursday @ Café Rosamond - (Melbourne, Australia)


  I remember reading about it online some time ago.   Chef Pierre Roelofs hosts a dessert night at an unfixed venue once every week,  and the seats fill fast!    My friend separately also reminded me that this is a place to visit and to be held every Thursday night at Café Rosamond,  and it’s strictly served as walk-in basis without any booking!     The post cards being distributed and their online website had us convinced we were arriving in to be for a real treat tonight -   I mean look at that gorgeous picture on their website!    The end result however wasn’t entirely what we’d come to expect.   At $40 for 3 Dessert Courses and an additional $8 for their Signature dessert tubes,  it is not entirely economical and may be we held too high an expectation indeed!



Very Beautiful Cafe  -
The venue hosts a dessert evening by Pierre every thursday..


Friendly staff,  cozy setting -



Earl Grey Tea -
Decent, the citrusy bergamot oil was very well balanced.    ~  7/10



Long Black Coffee -
Pretty decent,  using beans by Coffee Supreme of New Zealand’s fame but also roasted in Melbourne these days.   This blend is more of the average roasty profile type of coffee.   ~  8/10



Dessert Tube -
A Jam Donut flavoured concoction, filled with raspberry jam,  cream and pieces of donuts within.  The idea sounded promising but this ended up not very Donut like at all!   ~   5.5/10




1st Dessert Course for AUD$40 - 
Coconut,  Mango ice cream and Jelly,  Thyme Meringue,  Sago,  Olive oil Gel and Lemon Jelly, topped with some toasted wheaty grains.  This became a riot of flavours and texture,  pretty interesting.   I didn’t really like the plating of this vs what is advertised on the website though!  ~  7/10


2nd Course -
Apricot, which seemed like they were canned,  Grape mousse and Ginger Ale Jelly,  topped with some Honey Pollens.   This tasted bubble gummy like and was actually quite enjoyable,  but the texture is so similar to the above.   We enjoyed this on it’s own but it wasn’t providing enough of a contrast jumping from 1 course to another!   ~  6.5/10



Final 3rd Course -
Made from a German Quark cheese mousse, Cherry mousse and Marshmallows,  Date,  Malted Mousse,  Crisps and Vanilla cream.  This was interesting and certainly tasty,  but as mentioned above,  this is almost the same texture across the board during all 3 courses.   Not a bit of cake, or granita,  or chocolate decorations.   It was becoming monotonous by now and we also noticed how these were just pre-prepared mousse or cream all assembled a la minute.  ~  7/10



Take Away,  Pre-packed desserts to be Made at Home by yourself!
We thought this experience was interesting but it wasn’t as good as we’d hoped, especially after reading the website.   It felt almost like eating ‘piped together’ desserts on the go. Especially when considering the price -  it’s not entirely convincing.






Price: 52 AUD Per Person for Drink, Dessert Tube and 3 Courses Dessert.  Ridiculous.
Food: ♕♕♕ 1/2

Opening Hours:
Every Thursdays Only   7pm – 11pm

Address:  Cafe Rosamond, Rear of 191A Smith St, Fitzroy
Ph: (03) 9419 2270

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