Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pierre Herme - (Paris, France)

  I’ve tried Pierre Herme a couple of times but majoritatively purchased from the Japanese shopx,  but this is the first time ever since I took up the habit of snapping pictures whilst I eat,  that I really took photos of here and break everything down into the smaller components!   You know,  trying to tap into the mind of the master himself and understand why the desserts were created as they are.   It then evolved into an obsession from my side and fueled a further imperative to compare it directly with its peers.   What did I think of it?   Very highly.   Except one problem -  the famed macarons,  had a pretty big problem.      Also note that  I decided to travel all the way down here to their rue Bonaparte shop despite having seen it located elsewhere,  as this is the shop with the most complete range and supposedly the flagship store of them all according to their staff.




Really Pretty Shop Front -
Almost like its Hermes  AddEmoticons00516



Cake Display - 
With artisanal chocolate pieces and take away biscuits or ice cream at the back.  It’s promising but one can’t take photos in here though,  so these all turned out to be sneaky pictures again..


Mediants -
These were free for tasting.   Very artisanal style,
with all the condiments over-shadowing the chocolat base.  Loved this!   ~  10/10



Kouign Amann -
Bought one of these for eating as soon as I walked out of the shop.  This Breton pastry cake creation to me is not that overly special to be frank,  I’ve never thought that highly of it,  but when you can’t even find one you tend to miss it!    Pretty enjoyable with the expected pastry layering,  almost like a non-flaky and over-baked croissant. : D    ~   9/10



Take Away -
This is to be taken to a nearby café to be eaten.   More on that on the a later review…



Ispahan - 
Biscuit Macaron a la Rose, Crème aux Petales de roses, framboise entieres, letchis.  The famous Pierre Herme Macaron Ispahan  (which can also be ordered as an Ice Cream, Croissant or Nougat version here if you decide!!).    Unlike the Paris Laduree version which is piped in circular fashion,  the individuel version here is piped like a normal macaron.   The rose petal crème here was nice,  but the lychee flavour was too subtle to my liking.    There are those who like the PH over the Laduree version -  for me?   I think both had their strong points.  ~   8.5/10




Carrement Chocolat -
With a biscuit of moelleux chocolat, Crème Onctueuse au chocolat, mousse au chocolat, croustillant au chocolat, fines feuilles de chocolat craquant. 


Yes, this is all about chocolate but it was very utterly amazingly sinfully great!
The texture was quite soft as well, which I’d not come to expect from Pierre Herme, but you could definitely taste all the various layers and it was also not very sweet either.   It reminded me more of Japanese-French dessert than pure French!   ~    10/10



Macaron Jasmin - Fleur de Jasmin & The au Jasmin
Jasmine macaron made with both flower and also Jasmine tea.  This looked good but was a little overly soft.   ~   8/10



Macaron Chuao -
Single Origin Chuao Chocolate,  with Cassis and Baies de Cassis.   This carried a really nice chocolate and berries flavour,  but I must say I was shocked.  Despite the appearance,  this was wet and moist,  almost about to fall apart!     I understand some shops give out 1-2 day old macarons as they peak by then,  but this was way past the optimum state.  How am I even suppose to carry these back to anywhere else?    ~   7/10



Macaron Infiniment Caramel -  Caramel au Beurre Sale
The proportion of the macaron especially the salted caramel butter looked a bit funny,  but the taste was good.  Unfortunately this also suffered from wetness problem.  So disappointed,  as I remember having better from Pierre Herme before.   ~    6.5/10



Quite a modern looking shop,  with plenty to purchase for your take away.
By the way,  it’s no Photos inside the shop much like most Patisserie shops.  I am surprised to find I still managed to take so many pics despite being told off by the PH staff!  Well stuff you ,  why bother making it look pretty in the first place.   If you’re confident enough,  no one will be able to copy your creations,  right?  hmmm…





Price: $20,00€ per person
Food:  ♕♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Opening Hours -

  • Mon to Wed 10:00am - 7:00pm
  • Thur to Fri 10:00am - 7:30pm
  • Sat 10:00am - 8:00pm
  • Sun 10:00am - 7:00pm

Address:  72 rue Bonaparte 75006, Paris, France

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