Friday, August 12, 2011

韶夢 Shanghai 1930 - (Melbourne)

  Shanghai 1930 is said to be a direct branch of a restaurant chain from Shanghai,  and family diners come here sometimes for pretty decently priced food which is pretty authentic,  and is convenient to drive to as it’s not 30km away in the city like other Shanghainese restaurants!





Marinated Jelly Fish -
Pretty crunchy with a hint of sesame oil.
~  6/10

Modern Egg Pancake Roll (法式蛋卷) -
Was served a little too cold!  And tasted like it had imitation crab in it,
not very likable ~  2/10



Nanking Salted Duck  (南京鹽水鴨) -
A little too solid for my liking,  but flavour wise it was decent.   ~   7/10


Mustard Cress Salad (蓬花菜香干)-
Without the availability of other more herbally vegetables here,
I guess they took an alternative vegetable.  It worked pretty well!   ~ 



Kau Fu  (四季鮮烤麩) -
Some pieces were hand ripped and some were chopped, giving it a good mixture of texture.  The sauce was thick and flavoured very well, catching onto the fried tofu well,  served with peanuts.   Surprising to find this quality here ~   9/10



Vegetarian Spring Rolls  (羅漢素春卷) -
Decent,  in fact,  pretty well done compared to many HK ones.
~  7/10


Fried Barramundi with Pinenuts and Sweet & Sour Sauce  (特色松子魚) -
I’ve had some terribly fishy versions in HK or elsewhere before,  but here it is using a fresh Barramundi instead of imported Chinese fish,  which worked surprisingly well.  I thought the sauce was a bit too thin to my liking and it needed more pinenuts -  but the frying bit was done very well!  ~    8/10






Shanghai Meat Burger (醬爆肉夾餅) -
Liked the translation of this name!  Meat is shredded not diced.   Needed more seasoning, but has potential..  ~   7/10




Shanghai Imitation Crab (上海賽螃蟹) -
The 1st dish that came out was a dud and too gooey,  the replacement was pretty decent.  I personally like my egg whites and too much fish meat  ~  7/10


Fried Pork Pot Stickers  (豬肉鍋貼) -
Done very well here.  The pork meat was fluffy and had some cabbage in them.  Skin was decent thickness  ~  9/10



Browned well




Peking Duck (北京烤鴨) -
Terrible.  WORST Peking Duck I’ve eaten in my life
… this really came as an anti-climax to the meal.  The kitchen explained that since this is a Shanghainese restaurant, they don’t really do Peking Ducks that well..   but the duck was sliced like Cantonese roast duck and thick,  Skin wasn’t crispy,  the mandarin crepes tasted like they’re Vietnamese spring roll sheets.   And the duck wasn’t even carved table side.     ~   0/10 



Stir Fried Mochi with Pork  (肉絲炒年糕) -
Pretty decent, with plenty of cabbage but not enough meat though.  Standard is pretty much what one expects to find in HK or Shanghai    ~   7/10



Sugar Syrup coated Sweet Potato (拔絲地瓜) -
This was decent but they only provided iceless cold water for us to dip these into,  which means some didn’t form the crystal clear coating I wanted!   But apparently -  other diners said that depending on the server,  sometimes they do that process for us and is better.   Eitherway, not bad  ~    6.9/10








Price: AUD $25 per person
Food: ♕♕♕ 1/2  (Would have been more, if not for the Peking Duck and also the returned Imitation Crab dish.  Seems like they’re not passionate about the food, but its fairly robotically cooked!)

Address:  959 Whitehorse Rd, Box Hill 
Ph : (03) 9899 8666

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