Sunday, January 17, 2016

金祥排骨麵 【 Hong Kong 】- Fried Fresh Pork Cutlet and Good Dumplings

 This shop used to have more Outlets throughout Hong Kong,  but nowadays apparently only 2 shops remain at the outskirts of town.   They are super famous for their Fried Pork Chops,  because the pork is sourced fresh from the market every day and then naturally tenderized via the blunt end of the knife by the kitchen...  In fact they also serve a frozen Brazilian pork version here,  which is $10 cheaper but obviously nowhere near as good!   Guess they did try to make a cheaper version with a budget in mind for the HK University students after their lecture classes..

Chrysanthemum Tea - 菊花茶

This is made by the shop themselves,  and it was really florally sweet and likeable.  Only $5 believe it or not...  

上海饂飩麵 炸新鮮豬排 - Shanghai Style Pork Wontons with Fried Fresh Pork Chop

Haven't been back here for a few years but surprisingly I found the food to have improved nowadays.  The noodles retained a good bite and the base consommé soup was quite chickeny and not made from cheap chicken powder stock.  There's some fried garlic and herbs to pair with it too,  which to me is slightly more Chiu Chow style than Shanghainese.. ~ 8/10

Plenty of Pork Meat and Chopped Cabbage Leaves inside each Morsel -

Very healthy and lean,  and probably under seasoned for some people.  But this suits me well as it feels healthy!

The Fried Golden Pork Chop -

This has always been seriously good.  In fact I personally find this to be the best rendition of this dish for the whole of Hong Kong.  Super tender and yet retaining a good pork taste,  well marbled too.   As mentioned above there is a cheaper version as well which uses Frozen Brazilian pork..,  but don't skimp on that extra $10.  This version is really so much better ~ 10/10

Jaozi 水餃 Dumplings - 

Surprisingly they also offer this option,  which has a thicker skin than the above Shanghainese Wontons.  The pleating folds remind me more of a 粉粿 than true Beijing style Jaozi.  I personally thought the skin was a bit thick and doughy under-cooked today.  In hindsight,  I would rather order another round of the Wontons above!   But overall this shop is very likable and the service is surprisingly friendly !   Miss their Pork Chop already ~ 7/10

Price:  $37 to $45 Per Person
Food: ♕♕♕♕♕ 

Address:  金祥排骨麵, 西環西營盤德輔道西 316號地下C舖 
West Central Water Street and Des Voeux Road West Intersection,  Sai Ying Poon,  Sai Wan,  Hong Kong
Tel: +852 28576738

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