Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Morton's Steakhouse 【Macau, The Venetian】- New Seasonal Menu until end of February. There's 29 days in Feb in 2016!

   Morton's Steak House Chicago,  in all Asian outlets is currently holding a Seasonal Menu until end of February 2016.  The Bone-in Filet Mignon is certainly rare to find.  Thanks for inviting us over and the desserts were definitely the highlight.  Yes I do have a sweet sabre tooth !

New Seasonal Menu -

Until end of February 2016.  

Shrimps Cocktail -

This using extra large King Prawns from Vietnam. ~ 9/10

Honey Glazed Candied Nueske's Bacon - 12 Oz  MOP 185

This was like the highlight of the meal.  It literally melts in your mouth.  Salivating thinking back about this already... ~ 12/10

Mashed Cauliflower with Truffle Paste and Cheese - MOP 100

Not often do we eat mashed cauliflower,  but this surprisingly worked very well.  Almost like a premium Baby Food! ~ 9/10

Seared Scallops with Leek, Butter and Black Truffle - MOP 315

The Hokkaido sourced scallops are so huge and of the top grade indeed.  Cooked micuit perfectly.  ~ 8/10

Wines to Pair with the Food this Night...

14Oz Bone-in Filet Mignon - MOP 758

Cooked perfectly to Medium-Rare.  This actually had a stronger Meaty taste than I anticipated.  The minerals taste within I guess is from the Grass-fed process.  It's a huge piece of meat,  although my friend's steak was a bit under-cooked for Medium as ordered.  ~ 7.5/10

Truffled Fries with Parmesan Cheese -

Fried Crispy and has plenty of Cheese coating.  We all ate a bunch of these ... ~ 8/10

Lemon Soufflé - MOP 110

The egginess taste was quite strong,  to the point it probably over-powered the lemon essence a bit.  Climbed up the ramekin bowl pretty nicely presentable... ~ 8/10

White Chocolate Bread Pudding - MOP 110

Sticky and with plenty of Ice Cream.  We were so happy when this arrived.  ~ 7/10

Bruleed Top New York Cheese Cake, with Cream and Berries - MOP 110

Very cheesy and the sugary top I keep digging my spoon into... ~ 9/10

The Bar Side -

A good option for Steaks in town,  whether it's in Hong Kong or Macau side...  The Side Dishes were excellent to me

Price: $500 to $800 + 10% Per Person (This meal was by Invitation,  you can also visit my private review of here before:  )
Food: ♕♕♕♕♕

Morton's Steak House,  The Venetian, Macau

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