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MEZZA9, Grand Hyatt Hotel Macau [ Macau ] - Valentine's Day Special Menu with Some Surprises for $1299 Per Person

 It seems like I have been back to eating at Grand Hyatt Macau quite a few times in the past 2 months or so,  since their Peking Duck downstairs at Beijing Kitchen is probably one of the best I have eaten in the world,  even counting in Beijing itself.  Here we were invited back as a preview to try out the Valentine's Day Dinner Package.   It is priced at MOP $1299 per Person for the following Menu,  but there are some surprises for the lady so I won't post the spoiler here.  But if you are the gentleman booking for a table here,  you can ask the reception what the entire package includes on the phone!

The Mezza9 Valentine's Day Special Menu - $1299 MOP per person

Two Glasses of Veuve Clicquot Rose Champagne are included in the Price - 

Pretty 2 Layered Roses - 

A Fish Maw and Bamboo Pith Soup to Start - 
Surprisingly this was a hearty Chinese Soup to begin with...
Double boiled Nicely ~ 8/10

Champagne Sauce for the Oysters,
Sweet & Sour Chili Fish Sauce for Spring Roll,
Soy Sauce for Sushi Sashimi 

Assorted Sushi,  Sashimi,  French Oysters and Spring Roll for Sharing - 
I jokingly said knowing the customers,  they should include one more piece of Salmon.  Or else the couple can both bite on it together and have an excuse for a kiss !   ~  8/10

French Oyster with Veuve Cliquot Rose Champagne Jelly - 
Interesting combination of flavours!  Its actually pretty strong in the Champagne taste here..

Boston Lobster with Grilled Scallops a la Plancha,  served with Parsnip Mash and Oscietra Caviar - One Dish for Each Person 
The Scallops were huge just like in the above Sashimi platter and well caramelized on the surface.  The Lobster claw was prepared beautifully buttery warm and tender in the mouth.  Overall a lovely seafood dish and you can quote me on this,  not many places can make the lobster and scallops well - I never presume it when I go out dining.  Here was excellent!   ~  8.5/10

Lemon Lime and Vodka Sherbet - Palate Cleanser
Very sour and refreshing,  I really loved this before the next Main Course,  plus it isn't icy like a granita like many places make it.   The Sherbet/Sorbet itself is not too alcoholic but I soon learned why,  the Vodka melted away from the ice quicker and when you drink the bottom,  it's very vodka like!

Wagyu Tenderloin with Red Peppercorns and Sea Salt,  Black Truffled Jus Sauce,  a Pumpkin and I believe Orange Puree,  served with Grilled Duck Foie Gras,  Morel Mushrooms and Vegetables -  1 Dish Each 
This was a thick slab of wagyu beef cut and the way I like it,  served well grilled and warm.  The vegetables cocotte actually won everyone's heart,  the sauce within was very hearty and suited  the Asparagus,  Duck Foie Gras and the Morel and other Mushrooms well.  Needed some bread to dip into them to mop up the sauce...  ~  8.5/10

Duck Foie Gras Poele with Morel Mushrooms and Assorted Vegetables side -
I hardly see everyone finish their veggies on the table but everyone did this time around!  If I could have this for lunch as a warm salad every day I will be happy!

Rose and Chocolate Fondue for Two - 
Comes with the colorful New Year pastel Chocorons,  Choux Pastries filled with Flavored Creme Patissiere,  also Peeled Fruit Cup and last but not least,  the Home Made Ice Creams and Sorbet scoops to dip into the Rose Chocolate Fondue...  ~  8/10

The Ice Cream and Sorbet on top of a bed of Cocoa Nibs - 
The good thing about this is that the ice cream were frozen very cold yet not icy.  So even after dipping into the warm chocolate fondue,  it was just ready to eat!  

Price: $1299 + 10% Per Person  ( This Preview Meal by Invitation by the Hotel)
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 路氹城連貫公路新濠天地澳門君悅酒店3樓
3/F, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Cotai, Macau
Ph: 8868 1930

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