Friday, January 15, 2016

Shiki Zen 四季禅 【 Hong Kong 】- House Made Udon with a Semi-Buffet side... I need to Come Back

 Shiki Zen 四季禅 in its Causeway Bay location sort of sprang a surprise for me.   Before coming to here,  I had little idea that they do make their own Udon noodles,  and 2ndly for just around $480 with a Main Course,  you also get to enjoy the Semi-Buffet table at night.   We are talking about unlimited servings of Sea Urchin,  Sashimi,  plenty of Salads and Tempura,  even Goose Foie Gras cooked on the Teppan griddle.

Hijiki Vegetables Salad - 

Seasoned right and with grated Carrots. 

Goose Foie Gras d'Oie - 

Unlimited at the Buffet counter.

All You can Eat Tempura Prawns and Veggies -

Hey I think I am starting to like here!

Unlimited Sushi - with Sea Urchin Gunkan,  Aburi Salmon,  Scallops,  Inari,  Conch 

You can also get plenty of Hamachi Yellowtail and Maguro Tuna as sashimi....

Soba Noodles - 

They specialize in Udon noodles here,  but at the Buffet Counter even at night time,  you can eat as much cold Soba as you like...   I am a noodles freak so this suits me so well indeed.

Mentaiko Spicy Cod Roe Udon made In-house,  with Onsen Tamago egg - 

This is part of the Main Course.  So for roughly $480 you receive this and also all the Buffet Food.  The Udon was quite gluten chewy with a wheaty taste,  one of the best served in Hong Kong for sure.

More Sushi,  Gunkan,  Maki rolls and Okra Salads - 

I think this is such a good bargain of a meal.

Australian Oysters - 

Too good to be true for the pricing point, right?

Chrysanthemum Cocktail -

They also have many Rice Sake options to pair with the Udon.

Unlimited Grilled Scallops -

I think I should have eaten a few more of these with my Udons and Soba.

Kagoshima Wagyu Beef - Shabu Shabu

Actually I really like Wagyu from Kyushu.  The DNA of the steer or cows are usually very slightly different from the Hyogo/Tajima strands of breeding.  Usually using the redder Wagyu breed,  it has more beefiness taste.  This was very good.  I need to come back for this soon,  it was rather impressive for a Wagyu indeed.

Curry Udon -

I am usually more into the cleaner type of soup for my noodles.  Even though this was well sophisticated in the base and almost chickeny,  I guess I prefer the Bonito Konbu soup versions.

Chili Udon with Pork Slices - 

This was hotter than expected.  With an almost Chinese spiciness base which is almost Sichuan like,  with plenty of chili vegetables.  Loved it better than I expected initially..

Warabi Mochi with plenty of Kinako Powder - 

Part of the Dessert Buffet counter again... 

Yuzu Sorbet with Japanese Apricot Ume-shu Wine Jelly  -

I call this Apricot because DNA wise,  it is not really a plum but an apricot.   For some reason there is some misnomer when it comes to the naming...   Back in Japanese Historical times,  the Hanami blossom was actually more about the Apricot tree blossoms than the current Sakura flower trend..

More Cakes at the Buffet - 

I think I am too full for these now.  Overall I really enjoyed this dinner and it is superb value for money.   I already have booked for another visit soon in Feb.

Price: $480 to $580 + 10%
Food: ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: 銅鑼灣登龍街1-29號金朝陽中心2期Midtown 29樓
29/F, Soundview Plaza 2 - Midtown, 1-29 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay, HK
Ph: 2970 3218

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