Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Drunken Pot 酒鍋 【 Hong Kong 】- Newly Opened Hot Pot shop with Rainbow Colored Ingredients

 The Drunken Pot has received more good press than the other way around.  As mentioned before,  I don't normally do Hot Pots outside of home.  Most shops are only trying to squeeze profit margin off you... But here it was offering some unique items and hence why I would come back again to eat their specialty items..

Mix of Sauces Condiments 

Most of these are quite savory options.  I was saying this needed some Sesame sauce and Vinegar!

Chili Sauce Mix - 

5 Types of Hotpot Soup - 

I loved the Sichuan Chili,  Crab Clams and Prawns base. The middle Papaya with flamed Sake was also good.  The Satay broth could be more spicier for me still... ~ 7.5/10

Crab and Tomalley & Roe Xiao Loong Bao - 

Colorful.  The taste also delivered .. ~ 8/10

Fried Fish Skin with Garlic - $58

This was thin crispy and upon boiling was still holding its own.  A must order dish... ~ 10/10

Colorful Cuttle Fish balls -

Made naturally with fruits and veggies coloring.  Couldn't taste much of the same veggies but in theory this was appreciated healthier!  ~ 7/10

Local HK Yellow Steer Cow Chuck Flap -

Hand sliced and full of Beef taste.  More marbled than the norm... With a bit of chewiness.  Want to encore for sure ~ 9/10

USDA Prime Beef Short Ribs -

Held on a Wooden Hanger over ice.  I jokingly said this is a Chinese version of a Hanger Steak...  I guess not too many people got the joke.  But this was so good.  I think with the 5 base soups being all natural,  some of us agreed this didn't need any extra
Sauce dips.   ~ 8.5/10

Taro Flower Cakes -

They looked pretty enough and well moulded, probably pleases the Girls more than anything...

鬼馬 Crullers with Prawn and Cheese,  topped with Black Truffle Taste -

I personally found this to be too thinly cut.  I expected more Prawns and Cheese taste too.  ~ 6.5/10

To Increase the Spiciness and Numbness Sichuan style -

This is like an ice cream frozen and can be ordered to drop into the soup to re-tune the base!  Smart idea..  

響零 - Freshly Fried Beancurd Roll with Seaweed

delectable and even after prolonged boiling,  Held up to its shape and taste. 

Prepared by the Sushi Sashimi Chef.  This was quite runny and likable.  ~ 8/10

Price: $400 + 10% 
Food: ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: Shop 1, 2nd Floor,  8th Observatory Road,  Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, HK


  1. There is sushi sashimi chef at this hotpot place? :o

  2. Andre yeah!! The Sushi Chef is actually quite talented and he also makes the desserts here haha! Weird but he is good! : )



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