Friday, January 22, 2016

HMV Flagship Store 【 Causeway Bay 】- Happy Hour with Aperitvo Hour on Monday

 Monday is when the new HMV Flag Ship store Restaurant Thrive and shows you the Substance during 5 - 7pm.   Courtesy to the idea of the New CEO friend,  they are offering a new Aperol Spritz cocktail for only $48 and it comes with many Aperitivo snack items. The food is actually prepared by the Ex-Michelin 1* Chef Macy behind MIC Kitchen and 3* trained Bo Innovation.  

Apparently she has a new Romantic Valentine's Day Menu planned soon too...  Guess I am not lucky enough to bring any new dates in time in 2016 to savor it thus far in time.. Let's see!

Some Mediterranean Olives to Start -
These were nicely brined and not too salty for an HMV Cafe

Aperol Spritz Cocktail - 5 - 7pm $48 
Normally this is $88 dollars and it even includes the below Aperitivo Hour food Italian style ..

Canapés items.  The food is actually quite thoughtful -Here are some Parma Ham wrapped around some Frisée leaves.. 

Seems like Most People are Ready for their Food -  
Or Cameras always get ready 1st..

Spotted this Prosciutto Ham with Frisée Salad Wrap - Hey I am going to get myself some..  Sort of hungry 

Roasted Beef Wrap -
With Rockets.  Beefy.  I was thinking this was too good to be a HMV outlet already. 

Fried Onions,  Egg Frittata,  Onion Rings and Purple Sweet Potato Chips -
All done pretty well here ~ 9/10 

Price - HKD $48 Happy Hour Mondays to $250 Per Person + 10% 
Food: ♕♕♕♕♕     

Address:  2/F & 3/F, Pearl City, 22-32 Peterson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Tel: +852 25043669


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