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15th Macau Food Festival 澳門美食節 - ( Macau, 13th to 29th November 2015 ] My 1st time here and it was Amazing indeed

 To coincide with the Upcoming Macau Grand Prix held during November month,  Macau Organizations also hold a nearby Macau Food Festival for around 2 weeks time.   I have heard great things about their previous adventures and since we were in Macau,  we not only came once,  but on both consecutive 2 nights to re-explore,  and I still want to come back again before the end of the month myself!     The food and spatial planning around the Macau Tower is so mind bogglingly as a 1st timer,  with multiple levels and way more sections than I had envisaged the Macau population can support – I guess the rest of China, Hong Kong and foreign Visitors are also keen to come here too!   There are at least two separate Korean dedicated areas,  there’s Chinese food,  Japanese,  local Macanese,  Portuguese,  Taiwanese,  Desserts,  Thai, Indian,  Western.   There are over 100+ stalls here and surprisingly not a single stall selling wine  -  in comparison to our Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival which over half the stalls sell wines in comparison!

*Note:  This is not the same as 澳門漁人國際文化碼頭美食節 2015,  Macau Fishermen’s Wharf Food Festival Event which also attracts over 100 shop contributors per year and just happened earlier last month.



The Details of Macau Food Festival with Opening Times -


The Bus Routes and Locations -
We were deliberating between taking a Taxi or Bus to arrive on the 2nd night.
We took Bus 26 here in the end.



Macau Tower in co-operation with Macau Tourism Board and the Local Restaurant Group Sponsors annually -
Actually the newly opened Studio City by City of Dreams have direct buses to here.  Haven’t checked from other Casino hotels as yet.




Freshly Wrapped Shanghainese style Hairy Crab Roe Xiao Loong Bao Dumplings -
Decent enough and had adequate Crab Taste ~ 7.5/10



Its Crowded – Especially when it comes to Lobster Stalls
I am a lobster lover myself so I totally understand why people queue up..


Lobsters and Seafood this time are aplenty
Some range from $50 – $90 MOP for 1/2 Lobster.
We found another bargain below for $60 for a Whole Lobster !



Cakez Kitchen – Whole Sea Urchin Sauce Grilled Boston Lobster,  with Lobster Bisque $60
There are others selling half lobsters at $50,  a Sea Urchin sauce version at $90 for only half a lobster.  To us,  this with the Soup was the biggest bargain of them all.  Not much Sea Urchin sauce flavour but at least was grilled decent..  Soup had Calamari and Mussels within too for infusing flavours ~ 7.5/10



Baked Cheese Tart also from Cakez Kitchen – $15
We noticed many other stalls selling similar Cheese Tarts were under-baked.  Not here,  and apparently it had a decent Cheesy layering..  



Natural Pork Balls with Portuguese Curried Coconut sauce -
Apparently decades old as an Institution in Macau but my 1st time having this!  Well grinded chunkily and porky,  made by everyday.  Only around $15 from memory.. ~ 7.5/10




At the Korean Food Village - Freshwater Eel,  Full Size $100,  Half Size $50 -
This looked huge but we didn’t try in the Korean Section.  We just didn’t know how big a portion we will get in the end,  but I want to come back soon to try anyway.  N/A




Cheese Grilled Prawns from another Shop -
This was so tempting but we were becoming full even over 2 days.  Will wait until next time,  plenty of days left until 29th Nov 2015.



Some Japanese Imported Shops here just for the Event these 2 weeks,  on top of the Korean Imports -
Amazing how they can afford this.  Many Korean or Japanese servers can’t even speak English or Chinese.   But this shows how serious they are and this shop is supposedly from Tokyo itself and serving Oden,  Hamburg, Yaki Soba,  Fried Chicken Karaage,  etc.


McPherson – and the Cheese Pork Bun $30
This is a shop I am very familiar with as I happened to visit them in Macau when they opened the 1st branch and covered it.   They now have a few shops and their Black Garlic or Durian Ice Cream items also good.  Owned by a Japanese Lady with her American Husband living in Macau.   This Pork Bun surprisingly was multiple layered thin sliced and inserted with cheese.   Yummy!  ~ 8/10


Some Dessert Pots -



Mango Desserts with Sago Stall -
This was popular too..



Fellow Foodies said this Japanese Stall is a must-visit -
The Isobe Yaki Oysters 磯辺焼きかき were moist and had a great Miso based sauce, for only $10!  Very good and encore indeed.  ~  9/10



Korean Candies -
We also have similar in Hong Kong.  叮叮糖's friend.


Our Korean ‘Ajumma’ Lady cooking up a Bibimbap Rice – MOP $50
The sauce was so accurate good!  We liked this so much and for some unknown reason, you can’t find this easily in Hong Kong or overseas with the right mixture.  (Not sure about Macau side however as I hardly tried any,  but the Korean Food Movement is also picking up in Macau from what I can see).   ~ 8.5/10


Sandy Skee Ball – $10 a Go
Pretty fun indeed and many more games here.  Forgot to take pics but will update here if I go back soon until 29th Nov.




Some Taiwanese Eateries too !


Garlicky Grilled Scallops – $65 for 6 Pieces
Really good deal and we saw others selling for much more. Pardon me but I forgot which stall this was from.  But highly recommended..  ~ 8/10



Sichuan Dumplings in Red Chili Oil 紅油抄手 -
This was decent enough.  By default not too chili,  I am sure the stall lets you add in much more spiciness if you require it.   ~ 7/10

Fried Garlic and Crispy Chicken – $50 for Half
Very good actually,  with good chicken taste and crispy skin, just the right amount of garlic.  ~ 9/10


Sticky Rice with Preserved Sausages -
Same stall as above Crispy Chicken.  Looking decent and not so wet…  We had this at another stall and that one was more wet in comparison.  I personally wanted more meat in my rice  ~ 7.5/10



Price:  Free Entrance until 29th Nov.  Expect to spend around $150-200 per Person.
Food:   ♕♕♕ -  ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: 澳門旅遊塔會展娛樂中心
Centro de Convenções e Entretenimento da Torre de Macau
Ph: +853 2893 3339

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