Friday, November 13, 2015

M Bar, Mandarin Oriental Hotel - (Hong Kong)

  It was interesting coming back to here.  I used to patron MO Oriental since I was like 1.5 Years old.  Back then the decoration was so different,  I used to see Celebrities walk in and out,  I do remember where the 1st Floor Lounge was located and where the toilets hid behind the Brand Shops.  And the Afternoon tea lounge used to carry a Caramelised Grapes item for their Afternoon Tea,  The Mandarin Grill Bar gave out flowers to the ladies and also cigars to the men by each visit.  Such were the days.  I guess nostalgic memories do really affect a foodie to some way.  It was fun whilst it lasted, and when my mom brought me every week for afternoon tea but I guess it was more on pride,  you know how it really worked in HK back then.   But I did remembered the taste at least.   The M Bar above?  I have seen my utmost idols come here as well.  Like Michelle Reis, ok that’s all I need to remember.  She got married but was supreme hot really attractive even recently.  Somehow it was good to be back here with fellow foodies and as a Catch up with the MO Team for a Cocktail and some snacks and a lot has changed these years.



Samoa Nutty Monkey - Samoa
Mix scotch, Green apple Schnapps, Toffee and milk. Garnished with a nutty doughnut.
Actually this was quite smart.  The doughnut concept really wows.  This is what I call Smart as a dessert cocktail concept and needs to be pushed online.


Mostly French Cheeses with Bread and Fruit Compotes – $178
This was a selection with Brie,  Camembert and they said Spanish Manchego,  but I believe it is Jarlsberg Cheese.   Some people said the Cheese present aren’t at their prime state,  but I personally think this isn’t always a given.  It takes time to maximize their performance at any one time at all and we have to be patiently waiting for them to ripen up.. !




Arancini Nano Balls – $168
With Mushrooms and Cheese.  I expected a stronger performance from both the mushrooms and cheese aspects actually.  But that’s just being me..


Mini Pulled Burgers –
with Beef Short Rib, Kansas City Rib Sauce,  Bone Marrow Mayonnaise $208
All I can say is,  speak when you put more Meat than Veggies.  I know not all Hong Kongers love too much meat,  but to me if you are going down this American path you might as well make a Statement with more meat.   Certainly some customers will come for this recipe with the lovely Cocktails.  ~ 6/10


The Right Cocktail had a Colored Chocolate Leaf -
It was so Autumny and befitting the Season,  even though if this season it was falling slightly behind in the colder weather.  Posting a bit late but here were supposedly Celebrating about Rugby World Cup 2015




Fiji Fizz – Fiji
Made of Rum,  Blue Curaçao, Mint and Lime juice in a Martini glass with Champagne. This was made nicely and balanced.




Price:  $250 + 10% (Meal by Invitation)

Food:   ♕♕♕♕
Drinks:  ♕♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address:  中環干諾道中5號香港文華東方酒店25樓
M Bar,  Mandarin Oriental Hotel,  Connaught Road,  Central HK

Ph: 2825 4002

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