Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ebb & Flow, The Pullman Parklane Hotel - New Coffee Place and Tapas Area in this Hotel. Good for re charging your Phones and Laptop.

 I ate a lot more dishes here but somehow accidentally deleted some photos via a phone touch when copying them, sorry about that.  This place is revamped under the Pullman Hotel Group,  and since this is close to my homes,  I used to eat at the Ground Floor Bar area here which was one of the first best bars in HK side,  I spoke to a few friends and am glad they remembered it too.   The Ebb & Flow here is a new concept:  I think the prices are probably a little too steep expensive nowadays but I guess for a hotel Context,  it is probably expected and at least you can work here like a Mobile Office and they provide electrical charge everywhere.  Great idea..



Vietnamese Prawn Spring Rolls – $88
Overall decent especially with the fresh prawns.   The fish sauce is too safe,  it can handle more chili to leave a lasting impression if you ask my opinion   ~ 7/10

Penang Laksa – $178
When I don’t see the Torch Ginger Flower,  Calamansi Lime and Mint Leaves,  I knew this was a Curry Laksa Coconutty version instead of Penang Nyonya Assam Laksa.  The techniques are just different especially for someone who used to live in Malaysia,  I really do feel it.  As a Curry Laksa,  I still think it needed the Sambal sauce,  Calamansi lime and some Mint though.  It is a signature of any Laksa type in Penang area.  At least it had the correct two types of noodles.  Getting there but pricy though  ~ 6/10



Malaysian Satay – $78
Scallops with Lime Teriyaki $88
Fried Camembert Cheese $68,  
also the above covered Vietnamese Prawn Spring Rolls $88
The Satay was grilled well.  The Scallops were huge and came with a slightly meaty veal-stock and onions like sauce.  Overall it was likeable.  The Fried Camembert may be we took photos for too long and became hardened a little bit however.  I personally like the Beef Satays the best  


Matcha & Adzuki Red Beans Eclair – $38
One look at the surface glaze and I knew I wasn’t going to touch it much.  It just wasn’t the right shininess and texture.  Sorry as a Francophile and Pastry person.    Oh well,  I have my own interpretation of life,  and I hope you respect it too. : )   The Coffees and Teas here were very good though,  but like I said I accidentally deleted the photos.  Will go back soon and update here !




Price: $250 to $350 + 10%
Food:   ♕♕♕♕

Address:  G/F, The Park Lane Hong Kong, 310 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay
Ph:  2839 3377

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